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Romania MEP: EU needs proper migration budget in case of new crisis

As the debate over the future EU budget intensifies in the European Parliament, more questions are being asked about the funds allocated to border security, migration and refugee integration. EURACTIV.ro reports.
Economy & Jobs 11-10-2017

French workers strike against Macron’s economic reforms

Civil servants, representing one-fifth of France's total labour force, went on strike on Tuesday (10 October) to protest against Emmanuel Macron’s planned economic reforms. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Euro & Finance 01-06-2016

France needs austerity, Juncker tells mayors

Jean-Claude Juncker spoke to French mayors on Tuesday (31 May) to insist on the need for structural reforms and a rebalancing of the country’s public finances. EURACTIV France reports.

OECD: France must reform labour market and cut spending

Labour market rigidity and excessive public spending are among the issues holding back France’s economic recovery, according to an OECD report. EURACTIV France reports
Languages & Culture 26-03-2015

Study: Austerity undermines fundamental rights across the EU

Austerity policies in the EU have eroded the poorest citizens' access to education and healthcare. According to a European Parliament report, the situation is most dramatic in Greece. EURACTIV France reports.
[European Commission DG ECHO/Flickr]
Development Policy 14-10-2014

Aid programmes hit hard by EU budget woes

The European Union's humanitarian aid and development aid programmes are being compromised by EU debts, and budget cuts forecast for 2015. EURACTIV France reports
[Parti socialiste/Flickr]
Euro & Finance 01-10-2014

French deficit and public debt will reach new records in 2015

Despite planned cuts of 50 billion euros over three years, France will face a deficit of 95 billion euros in 2015. EURACTIV France reports.
Defence policy 06-09-2013

Southern countries push for common EU defence policy

Spain, Portugal and Italy have jointly proposed to pool resources for defence spending, seeing more coordination in the military sector as an answer to the economic difficulties the European Union is facing. EURACTIV Italy reports.

French pension reform raises concerns in Brussels

As France fails to make in-depth changes to its pension system, the European Commission expressed concerns over the additional burden it could place on the private sector’s competitiveness. 
Euro & Finance 06-08-2013

IMF tells France to slow the pace of deficit reduction

France should reduce spending rather than increase taxes next year to protect a tentative return to growth, the IMF said on Monday (5 August), while warning that unemployment would keep rising this year and next in the eurozone's second-biggest economy.
Future EU 08-05-2013

Europe Day takes ironic turn as EU staff strike

A day before Europe Day (9 May), held yearly to celebrate the peace and unity in Europe, 3,500 staff of the European institutions held a strike against budgets cuts that may see their salaries cut by 60% over the next 15 years.
Development Policy 18-12-2012

Piebalgs presses EU nations to live up to aid promises

Europe's overseas aid commissioner urged rich nations not to renege on their commitments to help the world's poor people, even as EU capitals grapple with their own financing problems.
EU Priorities 2020 27-11-2012

Cameron to win Eurocrat pay cut as part of EU budget deal

British Prime Minister David Cameron is likely to obtain cherished cuts to the EU’s administration budget for 2014-2020 when negotiations resume next year, officials have acknowledged.

EU staff to strike over budget cuts, threaten to hit summit

Thousands of staff members working at the EU institutions are expected to go on strike in Brussels today (8 November) to protest against potential budget cuts. If unsuccessful, unions plan another strike during the EU summit later this month.
Health 12-06-2012

Dalli: ‘The economic crisis should not turn into a health crisis’

European governments should not be neglecting public health in times of austerity, the EU's health Commissioner John Dalli has warned.