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Richard Ashworth, UK MEP for the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR)
Euro & Finance 02-12-2014

EU spending needs an independent watchdog

You will not find many people in Brussels arguing that the EU's budgetary procedure works well. The latest collapse of talks between the parliament and council on the 2015 budget highlight the need for reform, writes Richard Ashworth.
Future EU 07-02-2013

EU budget: Less for cows, more for young people

The European Union spends more on cows than young people, and that needs to change if Europe is to address its youth unemployment problem and create future opportunities for young people, says Peter Matjaši?.
Development Policy 29-01-2013

EU aid budget must be protected from hard bargaining

EU aid is not only morally right, it’s an economically sound investment. EU humanitarian and development aid is deemed to be one of the most efficient, impactful and transparent sources of funding in the world, say Natalia Alonso, Tim Roosen, Karen Schroh and Eloise Todd.
EU Priorities 2020 22-11-2012

Rising poverty and unemployment: Discarded priorities of the EU budget

After more than two years of campaigning for a social pillar in the EU budget, the proposals made last week are extremely disappointing and worrying, writes Pierre Baussand.
Euro & Finance 08-11-2012

Back to basics in the EU

EU citizens feel insecure and that their voices aren't reaching the ears of their political leaders despite sometimes violent demonstrations. Desperation is growing in several EU countries, says Gilbert Fayl.
Euro & Finance 16-10-2012

A budget for the eurozone?

The attempt by the UK government to instrumentalise the need for further integration in the eurozone in an attempt to dismantle parts of the Union is highly unlikely to succeed, argue Fabian Zuleeg and Janis A. Emmanouilidis.

Not investing in youth is costing us €100 billion per year

EU member states should not freeze or cut the EU budget that would support the autonomy and the rights of young people in Europe. They must think long term, says Peter Matjaši?.

Europe should bridge solidarity gap

Even though solidarity is supposedly at the heart of the EU Treaties, financial operators and citizens are not convinced and confusion reigns. It is imperative that EU countries come up with a European solidarity pact to pool resources for boosting growth and competitiveness, writes centre-right MEP Alain Lamassoure.
EU Priorities 2020 05-07-2011

A Real Budget for Europe ?

The European Commission showed political courage in pushing for an increase of the EU budget and proposing so-called 'own resources' on the revenue side, despite the climate of Euroscepticism maintained by the governments of some countries, argues French MEP Alain Lamassoure.
EU Priorities 2020 05-07-2011

For a Twenty-First Century European budget

The European Commission's EU budget proposal is out of touch, lacks ambition and is wedded to an outdated concept of 'ever closer union', argues Czech MEP Jan Zahradil.
Euro & Finance 23-06-2011

Barroso and Commission are also to blame for Greek crisis

As EU leaders gather in Brussels to solve the Greek crisis, Athens and Brussels should share the blame for having let the country fall down its slippery slope. Now a new social contract is needed between the EU and its citizens to restore trust, writes former Greek MEP Yiannis Roubatis.
EU Priorities 2020 23-04-2008

Rethinking the EU budget

The EU budget is outdated, does not represent current Community needs and should be reformed at its core by addressing the decision-making procedures, argues CEPS Director Daniel Gros.
Future EU 20-11-2007

Europe’s finances: The limits of the old system

The current system of EU revenues is opaque, complicated and unfair and thus needs to be changed, according to former Austrian Chancellor and leader of the Parliamentary Group of the Austrian People's Party Wolfgang Schüssel, writing for the Bertelsmann Stiftung.
Future EU 21-06-2007

Voting rules matter: Poland’s cause

There is a clear, positive relationship between a member state's power per person in the Council of Ministers and its receipts per person from the EU budget, declares Richard Baldwin of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) in an 18 June post on the VOX web log.

Funding the EU budget: the case for a European tax

In the context of the forthcoming mid-term review of the EU budget, Jacques Le Cacheux - professor of Economics at the University of Pau and director of economics at OFCE – offers a reflection on funding the EU budget with genuine own-resources. 
Future EU 25-01-2006

Analysis: How can the EU’s financial resources system be reformed?

Bernard Marx, economist at Confrontations Europe, argues that the EU’s current financial system is no longer appropriate and therefore needs to be reformed.
Future EU 19-07-2005

EU budget: the poisonous ‘budget rebate’ debate

During the recent negotiations over the definition of the EU budget for 2007-2013, many national governments made extensive use of the notion of 'juste retour' [fair return], thereby taking up the stance that their contribution to the EU budget should be proportional to the amount of EU money they receive. In this study published by Notre EuropeJacques Le Cacheux dismisses this concept as being both misleading and dangerous, showing that it is underpinned by a 'questionable accounting approach' as well as by a false perception of the EU integration project as a 'zero sum game'.
Future EU 16-06-2005

The EU budget : peanuts!

The great debate about the EU budget is underway. But what’s it all about? In this article published by café babel, Alice Desthuilliers provides a guide to the EU's revenue and expenditure.