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Future EU 17-05-2022

Europe’s new leaders are coming from the periphery

The construction of a new European architecture is underway, built around the point of relations with Russia - and new European leaders are shaping a new form, one we will live in and observe for decades to come, writes Orhan Dragaš.
Enlargement 17-05-2022

Sofia’s veto on Skopje is ‘a present for Russia’, Borrell says

The EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell put pressure on Sofia on Monday (16 May) to lift its veto over North Macedonia starting EU accession negotiations, by saying that the lack of solution is “a present for Russia”.
Non-discrimination 17-05-2022

Bulgarian officials ordered to provide ID for lesbian couple’s baby

A Bulgarian court on Monday (16 May) ordered city hall authorities in the capital Sofia to issue a birth certificate to the stateless baby of a same-sex couple from Bulgaria and Gibraltar.
Global Europe 12-05-2022

Russia puts sanctions on Gazprom subsidiaries in Europe

Moscow has imposed sanctions on 31 companies, including the owner of the Polish part of the Yamal pipeline, as well as the former German unit of the Russian gas producer Gazprom, whose subsidiaries service Europe's gas consumption.
Europe's East 06-05-2022

Nearly 25 million tonnes of grain stuck in Ukraine, says UN food agency

Nearly 25 million tonnes of grains are stuck in Ukraine and unable to leave the country due to infrastructure challenges and blocked Black Sea ports including Mariupol, a UN food agency official said on Friday (6 May).
Cybersecurity 06-05-2022

Bulgarian professor achieves dream of creating world-class tech powerhouse

In April, Bulgaria became home to INSAIT, a new Institute for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Technology that aims to develop a world-class research centre, keep talent in Bulgaria, and attract outstanding international scientists by offering globally competitive research facilities and compensation.
Energy 06-05-2022

Bulgaria and Greece plan joint gas deliveries for southeast Europe

Bulgaria and Greece agreed to seek joint gas deliveries for southeastern Europe and decrease its reliance on Russian gas amid the war in Ukraine, Bulgarian Energy Minister Alexander Nikolov said on Thursday (5 May).
#Media4EU 03-05-2022

Greece replaces Bulgaria as the EU press freedom black sheep

After many years of having Bulgaria as the worst-ranked EU country in terms of press freedom, the World Press Freedom index for 2022 painted a different picture on Tuesday (3 May): Bulgaria has improved while the worsening media situation in Greece sent that country to the bottom.
Energy 02-05-2022

EU energy ministers hold crisis talks after Russian gas cuts

Energy ministers from European Union countries hold emergency talks on Monday (2 May), as the bloc strives for a united response to Moscow's demand that European buyers pay for Russian gas in rubles or face their supply being cut off.
Energy 29-04-2022

Bulgaria becomes regional hub for gas supplies

A regional coordination centre will be set up in Bulgaria to manage the overall use of gas and electricity infrastructure and additional gas purchases for the Balkans and Italy, announced Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Asen Vassilev in Brussels.
Global Europe 28-04-2022

Bulgaria urges ‘stronger’ Europe to cut off Russian gas

Bulgaria's Prime Minister Kiril Petkov urged Europe on Thursday (28 April) to be "stronger" and find alternatives to Russian gas, during a visit to Ukraine.
Energy 28-04-2022

Will Bulgaria manage to escape the gas trap?

After the Russian decision to halt gas supplies to Bulgaria, the country is under pressure. Nevertheless, past delays in developing gas power infrastructure might now turn to its advantage, writes Genady Kondarev.
Politics 28-04-2022

Putin drives wedge between prime minister and president in Bulgaria

The Kremlin’s decision to cut off gas to Bulgaria has wholly exposed the positions of the leading political players in Sofia and caused a complete rupture in relations between Prime Minister Kiril Petkov and President Rumen Radev. Radev sharply attacked the government...
Global Europe 27-04-2022

Bulgaria slams Russia for ‘gas blackmail’, will not halt Serbia deliveries

Russian energy giant Gazprom halted gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria on Wednesday (27 April) citing their failure to pay for gas in roubles, in the Kremlin's toughest response yet to the crippling sanctions imposed by the West for its invasion of Ukraine.
Energy 27-04-2022

Russia cuts gas to Poland, threatens disconnecting Bulgaria

Russia halted gas supplies to Poland under the Yamal contract on Wednesday (26 April), in a deepening of the rift between the West and Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.
Europe's East 21-04-2022

Ukraine’s foreign minister to Bulgaria: ‘It’s time to make a choice’

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba appealed to NATO and EU member Bulgaria on Thursday (21 April) to provide sorely needed military aid to help his country survive Russia's invasion.
Global Europe 20-04-2022

Ukraine receives fighter planes, aircraft parts to bolster air force

Ukraine has received fighter planes and aircraft parts to bolster its air force in the face of Russia's invasion, the Pentagon said Tuesday (19 April), declining to specify the number of aircraft or their origin.
Global Europe 05-04-2022

Putin and the EU: he – snake, we – frog

Putin’s blunder in Ukraine was that he compressed steps that normally take one full year into a mere 24 hours, and it is not clear what prompted him to behave in such an unusual manner, writes Evgenii Dainov.
Global Europe 05-04-2022

Will ‘Postpolitik’ replace ‘Ostpolitik’?

The policy of pragmatic coexistence with autocratic Russia is now recycled in the hands of Russia’s ‘Trojan horses’ in the EU and Vučić’s Serbia, writes Radan Kanev.
Global Europe 18-03-2022

Bulgaria, Baltic countries kick out 20 Russian diplomats

Bulgaria has expelled 10 Russian diplomats while Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania have banished another 10 Russian diplomats between them, the foreign ministries of the respective countries said on Friday (18 March), citing their non-diplomatic activities and the spreading of Russian military propaganda.
Global Europe 18-03-2022

Russia says will attack Slovakia’s S-300 missile supplies to Ukraine

Russia said on Friday (18 March) it will attack potential supply chains of S-300 air defence systems to Ukraine, following Slovakia’s statement that it is ready to send them to Ukraine if they are immediately replaced.
Global Europe 17-03-2022

Slovakia ‘preliminarily’ agrees to send key air defense system to Ukraine

Slovakia has preliminarily agreed to provide Ukraine with a key Soviet-era air defense system to help defend against Russian airstrikes, according to three sources familiar with the matter, CNN reported on Wednesday (16 March).
Global Europe 09-03-2022

US rejects Poland’s offer to give it Russian-made fighter jets for Ukraine

The United States rejected a surprise offer by NATO ally Poland to transfer its Russian-made MiG-29 fighter jets to a US base in Germany as a way to replenish Ukraine's air force in its defense against invading Russian forces.
Europe's East 28-02-2022

Bulgarian PM obtains the defence minister resignation over Ukraine comment

Bulgarian Defence Minister Stefan Yanev has been asked to resign by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov on Monday (28 February) after he caused outrage in the government by stating that the Russian invasion of Ukraine should not be called “war”.