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Putin and friends. Sochi, 2011. [Gazprom]
Energy 23-03-2014

South Stream victim of Crimea annexation

The South Stream pipeline project, which carries Russian gas to Europe, bypassing Ukraine, may be “dead”, following the EU summit in which leaders decided that the Union should increase its energy independence from Russia.

Bulgarian oligarch seeks Barroso’s help to silence journalist

EXCLUSIVE / Unhappy with press coverage following the recent European Commission report on corruption in the 28-county bloc, a Bulgarian oligarch requested the EU executive's assistance in silencing a critical journalist. Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström is supposed to handle the issue. 
Elections 30-01-2014

Bulgarian president seeks referendum to boost voter turnout

Bulgarian President Rossen Plevneliev proposed yesterday (29 January) a national referendum on how election rules might be changed and boost low trust in the political institutions in the wake of massive protests in the Balkan country last year. If agreed, the referendum will take place together with the European elections on 25 May.

Commission says Bulgaria broke partners’ confidence

EXCLUSIVE / The European Commission monitoring report on Bulgaria, which it will publish tomorrow (22 January), will be heavily critical, with the EU executive going so far as to say that the Bulgarian authorities broke confidence with its European partners over the appointment of a controversial media mogul as chief of the national security agency, EURACTIV has learned.

Bulgaria admits Schengen entry is now a long-term goal

Bulgaria admitted yesterday (20 January) that its accession to the EU's borderless Schengen area was likely to take place in 2017, one year before the country is expected to take over the rotating EU Council presidency.
Central Europe 14-01-2014

Influential MEP splits Bulgarian Socialist Party before EU election

Ivailo Kalfin, the highest profile Bulgarian member of the European Parliament, announced yesterday (13 January) that he was leaving the group of MEPs from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) over which he presided. Kalfin is expected to run for the EU elections on a separate ticket, a move which could split Bulgarian centre-left voters.
Central Europe 09-01-2014

Germany readies response to ‘poverty immigration’

The German government established a new committee yesterday (8 January) to investigate the effects of immigration on the Federal Republic. The resolution came amid rising conflict within the ruling coalition over so-called  "poverty immigration" from Bulgaria and Romania and complaints from overburdened cities. EURACTIV.de reports.
Energy 07-01-2014

Azeri gas to reach Bulgaria through interconnector

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP) and the Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (ICGB) have signed an agreement laying the foundations for linking the two projects and thus bringing gas from Azerbaijan to Bulgaria, a country that depends on Russia for almost 100% of its gas imports.
Brexit 06-01-2014

Cameron to ask Brussels for cap on EU migrants

UK Prime Minister David Cameron said yesterday (5 January) that he would consider pushing for a cap on workers from Europe and make cutting immigration a top priority as he seeks to renegotiate Britain's relationship with Brussels.

EU tries to calm fears of Bulgarian, Romanian exodus

The European Union sought to calm fears in countries like Britain, France and Germany that they face a mass influx of Romanians and Bulgarians following the lifting of restrictions yesterday (1 January), a change that risks fuelling anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe.
Central Europe 06-12-2013

EU countries ask for help to escape from South Stream ‘mess’

Six EU countries are in "a mess" over the bilateral deals they signed with Russia on the South Stream gas pipeline, with Bulgaria the most desperate to get EU help, European Commission officials told EURACTIV.

Romania tells EU: ‘We are ready for Schengen when you are’

Faced with stiff opposition from older EU members, Romania is no longer asking for an accession date to the Union’s borderless Schengen area. “We are ready for Schengen when you are”, Romanian Interior Minister Radu Stroe will tell his colleagues at a meeting in Brussels today (5 December).
Competition 04-12-2013

South Stream bilateral deals breach EU law, Commission says

EXCLUSIVE / The bilateral agreements for the construction of the Gazprom-favoured South Stream gas pipeline – concluded between Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria – are all in breach of EU law and need to be renegotiated from scratch, the European Commission said today (4 December).

Cameron: ‘Free movement in EU needs to be less free’

David Cameron will announce a crackdown on European Union immigration rules, vowing to deport vagrants, restrict the right of foreign nationals to social benefits and call for new rules to stop “vast migrations” of Romanians and Bulgarians, the UK premier wrote in the Financial Times wrote today (27 November).

Commission: Refugee push-backs are illegal

The European Commission indirectly warned Greece and Bulgaria today (19 November) to stop turning down Syrian refugees at their borders with Turkey, after the UN issued a similar call just a few days before.
Energy 07-11-2013

Bulgaria warns of new gas crisis

Bulgarian Economy and Energy Minister Dragomir Stoynev warned yesterday (6 November) of a possible repeat of the 2009 gas crisis as a result of the intensified conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
Central Europe 25-10-2013

Bulgaria backtracks on moratorium banning land purchase

Bulgaria's Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski and other main political players said yesterday (24 October) that a bill extending a moratorium on arable land purchases by foreigners, which the country’s parliament passed on Tuesday,  would be reconsidered. 
Central Europe 23-10-2013

Bulgaria extends land purchase ban despite EU warning

Bulgaria's parliament on Tuesday (22 October) extended a moratorium on arable land purchases by foreign investors until 2020 despite warnings from the European Union that it would result in a review of its accession treaty.
Health 16-10-2013

Bulgaria has the worst air pollution in the EU: Report

More than 90% of Europeans living in cities are exposed to unsafe levels one of the most health damaging air pollutants, with Bulgaria having the dirtiest air among EU countries, says a new study by the European Environment Agency (EEA).

EU ministers discuss burden-sharing for Syrian refugees, African migrants

EU justice ministers held talks in Luxembourg yesterday (8 October) on how to avoid tragedies like the one which saw more than 200 African migrants drown near the Italian island of Lampedusa last week and how to cope with the rising number of Syrian refugees.
Development Policy 30-09-2013

Jean Michel Jarre: ‘Kafkaesque’ EU ignores world culture

The "administrative monster" of the EU is blocking one of the keys to sustainable development, culture, by diminishing its importance in development aid, renowned musician and composer Jean Michel Jarre told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Elections 27-09-2013

Bulgarian extremist party stages Brussels roadshow

The 23 MPs from Bulgaria’s extremist Ataka party, who are in Brussels today (27 September) to demand an apology from an MEP who called them ‘xenophobic’, may really be trying to avoid a no-confidence motion against the Socialist-led minority government in Sofia, sources say.
Elections 26-09-2013

Reding slams France for using Roma as election scapegoats

Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding has strongly criticised the “electioneering” rhetoric of French Interior Minister Manuel Valls, who has called for Roma from Bulgaria and Romania to sent back where they came from. EURACTIV.fr reports.

Syrian refugees flock to Europe’s doorstep

As Washington weighs a military strike against Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, the human fallout of two and a half years of conflict that has sent millions into flight is no longer contained to the Middle East. Hundreds of refugees are trying to get into Europe from the Western Balkans.