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  • Bulgarian elections: Keeping attack at bay

    Enlargement 29-06-2005

    The left does well, the right crumbles, and a new nationalist force comes out of nowhere in Bulgarian elections, writes Polia Alexandrova in Transitions Online.

  • Bulgarian elections: No surprises

    Enlargement 24-06-2005

    Twenty-two parties are competing to enter the Bulgarian parliament in the 25 June poll, but analysts see few differences among their policies, says Polia Alexandrova in Transitions Online.

  • Bulgaria: Withdrawal methods

    Enlargement 12-05-2005

    The Bulgarian parliament decides to withdraw its troops from Iraq – or does it, asks Polia Alexandrova  in Transitions Online.

  • Bulgaria: Nuclear fault lines

    Enlargement 15-04-2005

    The planned construction of a nuclear power plant in Bulgaria is provoking opposition, but the government isn’t listening, writes Petko Kovatchev in Transitions Online.

  • Bulgaria: Pre-election bargains

    Enlargement 25-02-2005

    The Bulgarian government has survived a vote of no confidence - but
    it paid a high price in the political bargaining that followed,
    writes Yana Buhrer Tavanier
    in Transitions Online.

  • The 2005 European calendar

    Central Europe 24-01-2005

    16-17 December European Council of Brussels showed that the new
    member states intend to participate fully in all the European
    debates. MINEFI-DREE's latest issue of Revue
    Elargissement sums up their positions on future EU enlargement and
    the new financial framework (2007-2013), two major European issues
    for 2005.

  • Vade Mecum for the Next Enlargements of the European Union

    Central Europe 06-01-2005

    In this new CEPS Policy Brief, CEPS Senior
    Fellow Michael Emerson explores the new
    language and concepts introduced into the discussion at the
    European Council meeting on 16-17 December 2004 and their
    implications for the European Neighbourhood Policy.

  • The structural challenges facing the candidate countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey) – A comparative

    Central Europe 17-12-2004

    The economic gap between the EU and the three candidate countries,
    Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey, is significant. Living standards, as
    measured by GDP per capita at PPP, are less than one third of the
    level prevailing in the former EU-15 - and about half of the
    average level in the new member states. Catching up with the rest
    of Europe in terms of income levels and productivity will thus be a
    very long-term process, according to an occasional paper published
    by the Commission's DG for Economic and Financial

  • Bulgaria’s ex-king reshuffles the deck

    Enlargement 22-07-2003

    The Bulgarian parliament has supported the first major reshuffle of Prime Minister Simeon Saxecoburggotski's cabinet, despite opposition charges that the changes fail to address real problems within Bulgaria's government.

  • Bulgaria: A model for multi-cultural society?

    Enlargement 15-11-2002

    Bulgaria: A model for multi-cultural society? The King Baudouin Foundation (KBF) and The European Policy Centre held an open panel discussion on 12 November 2002 to discuss "Bulgaria, a model for multi-cultural society?" The panelists were Metin Kazak, Head of Office …

  • Lisbonne, L’economie de la connaissance et la recherche

    Innovation & Industry 15-11-2002

    Lisbonne, L'economie de la connaissance et la recherche Il n'y a pas aujourd'hui de véritable politique européenne de la recherche et de la science. Si l'Union européenne veut atteindre l'objectif qu'elle s'est fixé à Lisbonne en mars 2000 - devenir l'économie …

  • Bulgaria: Fighting for the Tape

    Enlargement 08-10-2002

    Bulgaria: Fighting for the Tape Both Bulgaria and Romania could enter the EU in 2007, Brussels hints--but the prospect of early accession is soured by Bulgarian calls not to be bracketed with Romania. With just two months to go before the European Union invites the …

  • Bulgaria: Under-the-Table Funding

    EU Priorities 2020 01-10-2002

    Bulgaria: Under-the-Table Funding After undergoing a series of revisions over the past decade of post-communist transition, Bulgaria's party financing system is at best unstable and at worst, experts say, 80 percent illegal. The Bulgarian law on political parties has gone through several modifications since it was …

  • Roma Health Concerns: The View from Bulgaria

    Health 30-09-2002

    Roma Health Concerns: The View from Bulgaria At the start of the twenty-first century, millions of Roma across Europe still live in conditions of deprivation in access to basic healthcare. Despite persistent effort by a variety of actors, the Roma community remains …

  • A Year on the Edge of a Political Swamp

    Enlargement 21-06-2002

    A Year on the Edge of a Political Swamp SOFIA, 13 June (Dnevnik) - On 17 June, the government of Simeon Saxecoburggotski marked its first anniversary in power. [The former Bulgarian king's party, the National Simeon II Movement, won the parliamentary elections on that …

  • Five Degrees-Right or Left King Simeon Saxe-Coburg Interviewed

    Enlargement 22-06-2001

    Friday 1 June. A rainy day in Sofia. The interview with King Simeon Saxe-Coburg, leader of the National Movement Simeon II, is set at 19:00, in the Vranya castle in the outskirts of Sofia. Simeon II lives and meets his …