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Jens Weidmann
Euro & Finance 16-12-2016

Bundesbank chief: Don’t politicise monetary policy

The European Central Bank must stick to its price stability mandate and not be swayed by politics, Germany's top central banker said Friday (16 December), warning against extending loose monetary policy for too long.
Euro & Finance 04-07-2016

Bundesbank chief: Brexit is ‘political crisis’

The UK's decision to leave is being felt on the other side of the Channel; the German economy has been hit by the result as well, the president of Germany's central bank told EURACTIV's partner WirtschaftsWoche.
Euro & Finance 31-03-2016

Germany cuts public debt to €2.15 trillion in 2015

Germany, Europe's biggest economy, shaved 24 billion off its overall public debt burden to 2.153 trillion in 2015, the Bundesbank said on Thursday (31 March).
Development Policy 09-11-2015

Germany’s Schäuble and Weidmann on collision course over migrants

Germany needs to send a message to the world that it is reaching the limit of its capacity to help Europe's flood of migrants, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said on Sunday - while the head of the Bundesbank said the country can handle the costs of the refugee crisis without risking its balanced budget.
The European Court of Justice in Brussels [Cédric Puisney]

German Eurosceptics bullish as ECB court case opens

A complaint filed against the European Central Bank over its unlimited bond-buying programme known as OMT was up for debate in the European Court of Justice on Tuesday (14 October), with German Eurosceptic complainants issuing harsh criticism of the ECB's strategy to combat the debt crisis. EURACTIV Germany reports.

German wages not rising sharply enough, says EU commissioner

European Employment Commissioner Laszlo Andor said wages in Germany were not climbing sharply enough and the government should ensure that salaries increased in line with productivity.
EU Priorities 2020 04-07-2014

Italy seeks new leadership role in Europe

Rebuffing criticism in Germany that Rome is too slow to reform, Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi on Friday (4 July) reasserted that he is ready to stand up to critics and reclaim a leadership role in Europe.
Euro & Finance 26-03-2014

Germany’s Bundesbank opens up to Quantitative Easing

The European Central Bank could buy loans and other assets from banks to help support the eurozone economy, Germany's Bundesbank said Tuesday, marking a radical softening of its stance on the contested policy.
Euro & Finance 16-01-2014

Parliament approves German ECB board candidate

The European Parliament approved today (16 January) Sabine Lautenschlarger for the vacant seat on the European Central Bank's board. The German candidate has called for regulation on the planned pan-European bank wind-up agency would come into force earlier than 2018, EURACTIV Germany reports.
Euro & Finance 25-10-2013

ECB and Bundesbank urge speed up of Sepa switchover

The European Central Bank and the German Bundesbank have warned that businesses are stalling on updating their payment systems in preparation for the switchover to the new EU-wide transfer and direct debit procedure, the Single Euro Payments Area (Sepa). EURACTIV Germany reports.
Euro & Finance 11-06-2013

Bundesbank deputy endorses single resolution authority

The vice president of Germany's Bundesbank on Monday (10 June) called for an effective Europe-wide bank resolution authority, a position at odds with the German government which has been resistant to such a move.
Euro & Finance 07-09-2012

Draghi gets ECB backing for unlimited bond-buying

The European Central Bank agreed yesterday (6 September) to launch a new and potentially unlimited bond-buying programme to lower struggling eurozone countries' borrowing costs and draw a line under the debt crisis.