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  • German Parliament to vote on Spanish bank aid

    News | Euro & Finance 16-07-2012

    Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Sunday she was confident that a majority of German lawmakers would back aid for Spain's ailing banking sector at a special sitting of the lower house Bundestag set for Thursday (19 July).

  • Bundestag prepares to scrutinise EU fiscal treaty

    News | Future EU 22-12-2011

    As negotiations over the EU's new 'fiscal compact' begin in Brussels, German lawmakers in Berlin promise to make their voices heard. And the legal hurdles abound, according to Patrick Sensburg, a Christian Democrat (CDU) lawmaker who chairs the Bundestag's Subcommittee on European Law. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • German MP: Bundestag will participate in EU fiscal union pact

    Interview | Euro & Finance 21-12-2011

    As negotiations over the EU's new 'fiscal compact' begin in Brussels, the Bundestag promises to make its voice heard. EURACTIV Germany spoke with Patrick Sensburg, a Christian Democratic MP who chairs the Subcommittee on European Law.

  • Merkel wins euro rescue fund vote

    News | Euro & Finance 26-10-2011

    Chancellor Angela Merkel warned Europe not to be complacent about its peace and prosperity today (26 October) as German lawmakers approved plans to boost the firepower of the euro zone rescue fund ahead of an emergency EU summit. EU SUMMIT LIVE!

  • German ratification turns spotlight on Slovakia

    News | Euro & Finance 29-09-2011

    The German Bundestag voted overwhelmingly today (29 September) to approve the expansion of the eurozone's €440 billion bailout fund, turning attention to ratification in the remaining six eurozone countries that have yet to do so. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • Merkel: We’re buying time for other countries

     Video | Promoted content | Euro & Finance 26-09-2011

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday said that she can not rule out letting a eurozone country default on its debts. Merkel said that this is a possibility to consider once the Eurozone has a permanent rescue fund in place.
    In a one-hour interview with ARD television, Merkel said a permanent rescue fund is necessary to prevent crisis in countries such as Greece from spilling over to other countries that use the euro as their currency.

  • German plaintiff fears ‘self-surrender’ of Bundestag

    News | Future EU 17-02-2011

    The German Constitutional Court is currently looking into whether or not the Greek aid package was legal. Plaintiff Markus Kerber spoke to EURACTIV Germany about delays to the court ruling and possible implications for the German parliament.

  • Merkel urged to strengthen German language in Brussels

    News | Languages & Culture 29-06-2007

    The Budget Committee of the Bundestag has adopted a proposal that exhorts the German government to push for the greater use of German as an official language in the EU and return the institutions' German-translated documents to Berlin. 

  • Germany welcomes Bulgarian and Romanian entry

    News | Enlargement 27-10-2006

    The German parliament has ratified the accession treaty of the two new member states. Meanwhile, the parliament has also called for the early use of safeguards.

  • Terrorist crisis affects future EU debate

    News | Future EU 20-09-2001

    The joint session of the Committee for European affairs of the Bundestag and the EU Delegation of the French Assemblée Nationale, which was due to take place on Wednesday 19 September, has been cancelled. It has been postponed to the end of October.