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Elections 05-11-2008

Europe hails Obama’s election as new US president

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and other EU leaders congratulated Senator Obama on his election, expressing hope that there would be "renewed commitment" from Europe and the United States to tackling the ongoing financial crisis and foreign policy issues.
Development Policy 25-09-2007

UN climate meeting fails to garner US support

More than 150 heads of state and national representatives met at UN headquarters in New York yesterday (24 September) for a discussion on climate change. US President George W. Bush, who is hosting a separate meeting on the issue later this week, attended dinner but not the talks.
Security 27-01-2006

US needs the Europeans

The transatlantic relationship is marked by the fact that the US needs the EU to boost the legitimacy of its operations, says Council Director Jim Cloos, in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV on the trends in the EU's foreign policy.
Security 27-01-2006

Cloos: ”You cannot end a 2.5 trillion dollar relationship”

The transatlantic relationship is of a far too wide ranging importance to be destroyed by squabbles such as the run-up to the Iraq war. The USA needs the EU and vice versa, argues Council director Jim Cloos.
Public Affairs 08-11-2005

The Bush government PR machine: crisis in how the war was sold

Dr. Andreas Elter writes in this article from "Politik und Kommunikation" that in the USA political communication technologies are being misused for propaganda purposes.
Security 15-09-2005

Bruton: Americans are not ignorant about Europe

The EU Ambassador in Washington DC, John Bruton, says that the US leadership has confidence in the EU. Aid given by the EU in the wake of Katrina has made a positive impression.
Med & South 24-02-2005

Brief – Bush and Putin to dwell on democracy

President Bush's blunt 'democracy reminder' to Putin on free press and rule of law will set the tone for the US-Russia meeting.  
Security 24-02-2005

Brief – Bush and Schröder accentuate the positive

In spite of their remaining differences, US President Bush and German Chancellor Schröder accentuated the positive during their meeting in Mainz.
Security 23-02-2005

Bush visit: Nice buddies all around

US President Bush managed to seduce NATO and EU leaders during his visit in Brussels, but differences remain over China's arms embargo, Iran and climate change
Security 21-02-2005

Bush visit meets with cautious expectations

Coverage in the European newspapers of President Bush's arrival in Europe is marked by a focus on the difficulties lying beneath the professed mutual willingness to mend fences.
Security 01-02-2005

EU praise for Iraqi elections

European foreign ministers' praise for the "courage and resolve of the Iraqis" looks like an endorsement of the US-backed elections. 
Security 21-01-2005

New moves hoped for in EU-US relations

As US President Bush was sworn in for his second term, Europe's leaders expressed hope for a fresh start in transatlantic co-operation.
Security 07-01-2005

Chirac seeks to mend ties with Bush in 2005

In an attempt to repair transatlantic ties strained by the war in Iraq, French President Jacques Chirac has proposed meeting US President George Bush in the coming weeks.
Trade & Society 07-01-2005

EU’s new man in Washington calls for fresh relationship

EU's newly named ambassador in Washington DC, John Bruton, argues that the Europeans should stop wanting to misunderstand President Bush.  
Elections 02-11-2004

A different transatlantic relationship after 2 November?

US presidential elections: EURACTIV has compiled a list of websites to help readers follow the election's results. Some observers say the candidates' tone might differ but foreign policy will not change so much in substance.
Enlargement 29-06-2004

Chirac clashes with Bush over Turkey

US President Bush's public backing of Turkey's EU bid has provoked the anger of France's President Chirac.
Security 22-01-2004

Bush’s war on terror takes a beating in Davos

President Bush' achievements in the war on terror are being questioned by participants at the Davos summit.
Security 24-09-2003

Bush, Chirac spar at UN General Assembly

Differences over Iraq and tensions over broader security issues remained unresolved as the UN's 58th annual General Assembly debate opened in New York on 23 September.
Agrifood 26-06-2003

Summit heals EU-US rifts but GMO tensions remain

Leaders of the EU and the US embarked on post-Iraq fence-mending at their summit meeting in Washington on 25 June.
Security 13-08-2002

EU Member States divided over possible Iraq intervention

The 15 EU Member States are quite divided on the prospect of a possible military intervention by the US against Iraq as part of the war against terrorism.
Trade & Society 22-05-2002

US President to be met by demonstrators in Europe

The US President, George W. Bush, will be met by German demonstrators when he arrives to Berlin on 22 May for a six-day visit to Europe.
Climate change 03-05-2002

EU-US Summit discussed fighting terrorism, little on trade

The EU and US agreed they "had a good discussion on the common challenges facing the United States and the European Union". Most time was spent on the Middle East and the fight against terrorism, little was agreed on trade issues.

EU condemns first decision of US President Bush

European Commission condemns decision by US government to cut federal funding to international agencies supporting family planning

Gore concedes, Bush becomes President-elect

Thirty-six days after the US presidential election, Republican George Bush claims his place in the White House.