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Economy & Jobs 09-04-2020

Italy PM rebuffs employers’ call to ease coronavirus lockdown

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Wednesday (8 April) that Italy must stick with its rigid lockdown to try to curb the COVID-19 epidemic, rejecting calls from businesses to reopen factories.
Climate change 04-10-2018

EU business lobby to champion climate status quo – leak

One of Europe's most influential business lobbies is trying to push the EU towards climate action standstill, after a leaked memo obtained by EURACTIV called the bloc’s existing 40% emissions reduction target "already ambitious".
Politics 07-02-2018

The Commission has no answer to the opaque lobbying of law firms

The European Commission needs to enforce a strict incentives-based regime that will encourage more lobbying law firms to enroll in the EU's transparency register, writes Nina Katzemich.
Public Affairs 08-06-2015

Lying to get ISDS through the European Parliament

BusinessEurope, and especially its Director Genernal, should be factual and truthful when lobbying the European Parliament on ISDS and TTIP, argue Bart Staes and Molly Scott Cato.
Climate change 30-04-2015

Another dirty energy dominated COP?

Privileged accesse to politicians enjoyed by big business should not be tolerated, writes Pascoe Sabido. François Hollande and his government should lead by example, refusing any interaction with dirty industries.

Business and the struggle between climate and profit

Business lobby groups use their influence to hold back EU legislation on climate change. The authors of a recent study believe this should force companies to reconsider their priorities. EURACTIV France reports

Gender equality and environment laws on business lobby hit list

EXCLUSIVE: EU legislation to ensure gender equality on company boards, to extend maternity leave, and to reduce air pollution and landfill should be killed off, a leading business lobby organisation has told the European Commission.
Health 29-09-2014

Pharma industry denies it lobbied for medicines to move to DG Enterprise

Europe’s pharmaceutical industry has said it did not lobby for medicines and medical devices to be moved from the European Commission's health directorate (DG Sanco) to the enterprise directorate (DG Enterprise).
Public Affairs 20-05-2014

Brussels defends track record on lobbying transparency

The European Commission has defended its track record on corporate lobbying and transparency, after accusations it used the financial crisis to increase its powers while pursuing a big business agenda.
Transport 12-09-2012

Czech MEP denies tabling traffic noise proposal ‘written by Porsche’

The lawmaker in charge of steering legislation on traffic noise through the European Parliament has insisted that he wrote it, despite evidence that a draft version of the bill was authored by an official from Porsche AG, the German car manufacturer.
Energy 20-06-2011

Business backlash against nuclear phase-out begins

Business lobbies are pushing for EU action to examine or derail Germany's planned exit from the nuclear power club after the Fukushima disaster.
Development Policy 28-04-2011

European businesses sound 2020 green targets alarm

BusinessEurope, the European employers' association, told EURACTIV that it supports calls made in the last two days by British and French industry associations for better environmental planning and more financial support for green industry.
Public Affairs 18-03-2011

New EU landscape requires ‘swifter’ business action

Businesses require "much more professionalism" and "swifter answers" from their industry associations to deal with the complexity of today’s EU institutional landscape, according to Alain Beaumont, founder of AGEP Association Management.
Public Affairs 18-03-2011

PA boss: New EU landscape requires ‘professional’ business groups

Businesses require "much more professionalism" and "swifter answers" from their industry associations to deal with the complexity of today's EU institutional landscape, Alain Beaumont, founder of AGEP Association Management, told EURACTIV in an interview.