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Broadband 21-01-2019

Bridging the EU’s broadband divides: The importance of trust and security

The EU has long been plighted by patchy broadband coverage, so much so that previous Commission targets set out for 2020 were put to bed last year by the European Court of Auditors. But could 2019 prove to be a tipping point in the bloc's connectivity potentials?
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Cable broadband networks reach over half of European households, offering the single largest NGA network in Europe. This NGA network will be upgraded to a very high capacity network. Therefore, thanks to cable, half of all European households will have access to Gigabit services well before the 2025 targets set out by the European Commission.
Digital & Media 15-11-2016

Cable is connecting Europe with Gigabit speeds

Cable broadband networks reach over half of European households, offering the single largest NGA network in Europe.
Digital & Media 12-03-2015

Fast broadband lifts revenue growth for Europe’s cable operators

Investments in high-speed broadband networks helped Europe's cable operators such as Liberty Global and Altice accelerate revenue growth in 2014 to 4.6%, industry group Cable Europe said on Wednesday (11 March).

Commission considering extending high-speed internet rules

The European Commission is drafting a set of new regulations aimed at ensuring fair competition among high-speed internet providers during the transition period to a fully competitive market.
Digital & Media 06-11-2002

Edging into Web Services

Automating the flow of information among companies is costly and complex. Web services, argues John Hagel, promise to make it cheap and easy. John Hagel III The McKinsey Quarterly, 2002 Number 4 Technology Companies in every sector have streamlined their...
Digital & Media 28-10-2002

Reprogramming European cable

  European cable companies are in dire financial straits. The reason? Not just debt but a strategy that has produced negative cash flows across the whole industry. The McKinsey Quarterly, 2002 Number 4 Technology Europe s cable operators are undoubtedly suffering....
Digital & Media 28-05-2002

Cable companies propose regulatory harmonisation to achieve eEurope

During its annual meeting on 28 May, the European Cable Communications Association (ECCA) proposed technologically neutral harmonised rules to achieve the EU's aims of eEurope.