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Road safety 31-05-2017

Controversial EU labour rules tackle truck drivers’ pay and working conditions

Truck drivers are the latest workers to come into the European Commission's sights in its bid to build a more 'social Europe', with new rules designed to make sure drivers from lower-wage countries don't undercut better paid workers when they travel to other EU member states.
Road charging 19-05-2017

Parliament wants new road toll and labour rules for truck drivers

MEPs have approved a list of demands for an upcoming EU overhaul of road toll and labour rules for truck drivers, and included a fresh call for an EU road agency after some political groups lost their bid for the new body earlier this year.
Economy & Jobs 13-04-2017

Commission plans deal to settle east-west trucker dispute

The European Commission is planning a compromise between eastern and western EU member countries, which are sharply divided over labour rules for truck drivers who travel across the bloc to deliver goods, according to an internal memo from the executive's transport policy arm.
Transport 02-03-2017

East-West tensions reignite as Poland fights labour rules for truckers

Poland is putting up a fight over an upcoming EU proposal that will affect working conditions for truck drivers who travel between countries with different social welfare laws and minimum wages.
Transport 01-02-2017

Western member states demand action on low-cost truck drivers

Nine western European countries have called for the introduction of fairer social rules to govern road transport before the sector is opened up to greater liberalisation. This is meant as a warning to Brussels, which is preparing a new set of rules for May. EURACTIV France reports.

Commission to tighten labour rules for truck drivers in May

Truck drivers and trade unions have formed an alliance to demand the European Commission close loopholes that let underpaid workers from poorer EU countries deliver goods anywhere in the bloc.

Bulc wants truck drivers to get paid a minimum wage

Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc wants to stop companies that use legal loopholes to underpay truck drivers. The executive says social dumping is rampant among truckers who drive between multiple countries every month—and Bulc wants to clamp down this year.
Competition 23-04-2014

France concerned over ‘cabotage’ abuses

Just days after the European Union passed new rules on posted workers to fight social abuses in the construction sector, France is back on the attack, this time asking for an update of cabotage rules in road freight. EURACTIV France reports.
Transport 16-06-2008

EU ministers clinch deal on road ‘cabotage’

European transport ministers have succeeded in overcoming their differences over opening up the EU road haulage market to increased competition among member states, despite fears the plans could lead to social dumping.
Transport 08-04-2008

EU states agree to cabotage, backtrack on sea safety

EU transport ministers have rejected Commission proposals to tighten the bloc's protection against maritime pollution. But they came closer to a deal on the controversial opening up of haulage and coach services to increased competition. 
Transport 23-01-2008

MEPs vote to lift national cabotage restrictions

Restrictions on freight transport operations carried out within one member state by hauliers from another EU country (cabotage) must be fully lifted by 2014, Parliament's transport committee has voted. The move has outraged socialist MEPs, which fear it will exacerbate social and fiscal competition between member states.
Transport 24-05-2007

Commission seeks better quality road transport

The Commission wants to adapt rules for haulage and coach services, hoping to minimise time and fuel waste caused by unclear cabotage rules and to stop transport "cowboys", who give the sector a negative image.
Transport 24-01-2002

Commission promotes liberalisation of railways

On 23 January, the Commission presented the second package to revitalise the European railway industry. This package includes proposals for opening up Member States' freight transport systems to competition and more coordinated safety measures.
Transport 21-01-2002

Commission to present second railway package

On 23 January, the Commission will present a communication and five new legislative proposals to revitalise the European railway industry. This so-called "second railway package" includes proposals for opening up Member States' goods transport systems to competition, new measures on rail safety and interoperability, the creation of a European Rail Agency for safety and interoperability, and the EU's membership of the Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by rail (OTIF).