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Agrifood 08-12-2021

Safety vs. sovereignty: Stakeholders split over increasing imports of ‘cleaner’ phosphates

Stakeholders are calling on the European Commission to stop prioritising home-grown phosphates high in cancer-causing cadmium over imports of cleaner products from non-EU countries, but others warn that this risks sacrificing EU autonomy.
Agrifood 19-08-2021

EU tightens limits on cancer-causing cadmium, lead levels in food

The European Commission has set new maximum levels for two cancer-causing food contaminants, cadmium and lead, in a range of food products, due to enter into force at the end of the month.
Agrifood 21-11-2018

The EU finally provides legal framework for organic and recycled fertilisers

The Commission, Council and Parliament have agreed to facilitate the use of organic fertilisers, for which there has been no regulatory framework so far. Fertilisers will also have to contain less heavy metal in the future.
Agrifood 11-04-2018

The ‘cadmium war’: EU in the midst of a geopolitical arm-wrestle

The level of cadmium in fertiliser production has triggered an intense debate in the EU as analysts fear the bloc could end up entirely dependent on Russia, with dangerous effects for the EU and its farmers.

Addressing endocrine disrupting chemicals requires an integrated strategy

The dangers of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) for human health and the environment have long been documented and the evidence keeps piling up every day, yet Europe's approach to this challenge has been lukewarm, writes Genon Jensen.
Economy & Jobs 02-03-2017

MEPs fear EU cadmium restrictions could increase fertiliser import dependency

A Commission initiative to reduce cadmium contamination has landed on the international trade committee’s desk at the European Parliament. Some MEPs believe this move could decrease the choice of sources of fertiliser imports across the world and give countries like Russia too much market power.

Toxic cadmium one step closer to EU-wide ban

The European Parliament voted last week to re-assess the use of cadmium in TV sets sold across Europe, saying safer alternatives to the toxic and carcinogenic substance were now widely available.

Cadmium ban in TVs: Balancing innovation and regulation

An iIll-considered regulation to ban cadmium from European TV sets could promote other toxic substances, while decreasing energy efficiency and stifling innovation, argues Jim Willis.

Parliament must bar toxic cadmium from Europe

TVs containing cadmium are no longer available in Europe since a ban was decided under the 2002 Directive on Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) in electrical and electronic equipment. But cadmium could return via the back door following intense lobbying efforts by some manufacturers, writes Michael Edelman.
Climate change 20-07-2006

Batteries Directive

In July 2006, the European Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers agreed on a compromise to revise the 1991 Directive on batteries and accumulators. The new directive provides for a minimal ban on cadmium and mercury as well as for collecting and recycling targets to be reached by 2016 at the latest.
Climate change 21-12-2004

Council agrees minimal ban on cadmium in batteries

The Environment Council has reached a political agreement to partially ban the use of cadmium in consumer batteries. However, several types of batteries, such as those used in power tools, would be exempt.
Climate change 21-04-2004

MEP ban on hazardous batteries rejected by Commission

The Parliament's vote in favour of banning nickel-cadmium batteries was immediately followed by a Commission statement rejecting the MEPs' disputed amendments.
Climate change 07-04-2004

Environment Committee wants to ban nickel-cadmium batteries but grants exemptions

In its first reading of the Commission's draft batteries directive, the Parliament's environment committee has proposed to ban nickel-cadmium batteries.
Climate change 26-11-2003

Batteries Directive proposal: mandatory collection and recycling but no cadmium ban

The Commission adopted on 25 November a proposal for a new battery directive, setting minimum rules for national collection and recycling schemes, but falling short of banning cadmium.
Climate change 04-08-2003

Commission consults stakeholders on cadmium in fertilisers

The Commission has launched a stakeholder consultation on future legislation which could introduce EU-wide upper limits for cadmium in fertilisers.
Climate change 27-02-2003

Batteries Directive: EU calls on stakeholders to shape the legislative process

In a first trial run, the Commission launches a new mechanism to improve the regulatory environment on legislation concerning batteries.