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Transport 19-09-2006

MEPs push back new EU car-pollution limits

The Parliament’s environment committee agreed to new rules on car pollution that will effectively delay until 2011 carmakers’ obligation to further cut emissions of harmful air pollutants from new vehicles.
Climate change 23-09-2005

Clean air strategy seeks balance between health and business concerns

The strategy will cost Europe some €7.1 billion every year, down from the €12 billion initially proposed by Environment Commissioner Dimas. But the health benefits alone will be fivefold, he said.

Commission split over environmental commitments

Two environmental strategies, due to be presented in July, are temporarily suspended awaiting a 20 July orientation debate on the costs of implementing environmental policies.
Climate change 02-12-2004

Commission prepares air pollution action plan

By mid-2005, the Commission will present a new action plan to reduce air pollution. It has launched an internet consultation inviting stakeholder input on its future policy measures.
Climate change 13-07-2004

Nine EU states warned over ozone-depleting pesticide

Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom have been sent first warnings for failing to report on the phasing-out of methyl bromide.
Climate change 07-08-2003

Heatwave raises new demands for European approach to ozone smog

The high summer temperatures are leading to potentially harmful ground-level ozone concentrations in several Member States, giving rise to new calls for a stricter EU policy on air pollution.
Climate change 15-03-2002

Parliament adopted report on the Clean Air programme

On 13 March 2002, the European Parliament voted on the proposed programme for "Clean Air for Europe" (CAFE). The rapporteur's opinion was accepted without any problems.
Climate change 13-02-2002

European Parliament to discuss Clean Air programme

The European Parliament's Environment Committee is to start its discussion of the proposed programme for "Clean Air for Europe" (CAFE) on 20 February. The programme would replace many of the existing legal acts on air pollution and provide an integrated framework for air quality and emission ceilings.
Climate change 08-05-2001

Ambitious “Clean Air for Europe” Programme

An ambitious air quality programme launched by the Commission aims at combating Europe's major air pollution