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Brexit 16-03-2018

‘We don’t want Brexit to be the flat burger’, campaign says

Brexit has been compared to many things, but the idea of being sold a big juicy burger and ending up with a flat, badly made one is a novelty.
Elections 01-06-2015

MEP complains to Juncker over Vestager’s campaigning in Denmark

Danish MEP Morten Messerschmidt filed a complaint with Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Monday (1 June), after Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager backed her Social Liberal Party's election campaign over the weekend. Messerschmidt suggests Vestager breached EU rules that ensure Commissioners' independence.
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Public Affairs 17-03-2015

Winning a legislative campaign

The Yellow Academy is a series of 7 workshops on EU lobbying and communication with a strong focus on case studies.
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Public Affairs 24-02-2015

Big data and public affairs campaigns

The Yellow Academy is a series of 7 workshops on EU lobbying and communication with a strong focus on case studies.
Cart electoral

Panic in France: missing campaign literature

EXCLUSIVE / The French company assigned to distribute election literature for the European elections has been “overwhelmed”, leading to delays and the wrong programmes for the National Front. EURACTIV France reports.
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INFOGRAPHIC: EU Presidential Debates 2014
EU Elections 2014 28-04-2014

INFOGRAPHIC: EU Presidential Debates 2014

With less than four weeks to go before polls open on 22-25 May, the parties' main candidates for the EU Commission presidency face each other in a series of 'Presidential Debates', broadcasted by national and European media. The main candidates, or 'Spitzenkandidaten', are put forward by their parties as official candidates to lead the EU executive. They will battle it out over their vision for the EU, discussing raging unemployment, energy, economy and all the big challenges facing europe today. Seven debates in total are planned. Four of these will feature at least four candidates, who represent mainstream parties. The two main contenders in the race, the socialist Martin Schulz, and centre-right Jean-Claude Juncker, will also engage in three 'face-off' debates.
EU Elections 2014 24-02-2014

Greens present ‘Green New Deal’ at campaign convention

The European Green Party (EGP) gathered national members to adopt a common programme for the EU elections and motivate national sympathisers to fight negative polling results, in an electoral convention in Brussels on Saturday (22 February).
Elections 13-11-2013

Le Pen visits Wilders to broker far-right post-EU election deal

Marine Le Pen, leader of the French party the Front national (FN), visited The Hague today (13 November) to meet with Dutch politician Geert Wilders, in an effort to build a powerful far-right political force during the 2014 EU elections.
Agrifood 04-07-2012

MEP: It’s ethically unacceptable that we throw out so much food

Swedish MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt explains why she wants to introduce restaurant "doggy bags" in Europe, and what the EU can do to diminish food waste.