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Climate change 01-06-2011

UN environment chief: Historians will rue our ‘tragic moment of indecision’

A new paradigm shift for sustainable and equitable clean growth is needed, according to Achim Steiner, the head of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and governments can start by intervening to end fossil fuel subsidies.
Climate change 22-04-2011

Ex-climate chief calls for private sector seat at UN talks

Yvo de Boer, the former UN climate chief, has called for the private sector to participate in international negotiations about the financing of the yearly $100 billion Green Climate Fund. He spoke to EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Climate change 22-04-2011

Yvo de Boer: Bring private sector into UN climate talks

Yvo de Boer, the former UN climate chief, has called for the private sector to be enabled to participate in international negotiations and contribute around $100 billion per year to a Green Climate Fund, through a new consultative mechanism.
Climate change 14-01-2011

EU eyes climate ‘paradigm shift’ on tax, growth and China

EU climate leaders have been setting out their environmental agendas for tax, resource efficiency and competition from China in the year ahead, one month after the Cancún climate change summit.
Climate change 13-12-2010

Modest steps in Cancún keep UN climate process alive

Some 190 nations agreed to a compromise text on Friday night which makes progress on a number of issues, including forest protection and the establishment of a Green Fund to deliver climate cash to developing countries.
Climate change 10-12-2010

Cancún summit delegates battle clock for climate deal

Delegates from 193 nations are struggling to strike a deal on steps to fight global warming before the UN Cancún climate conference's scheduled deadline of Friday 10 December. If they fail, it will herald a damaging setback for the multilateral process after the Copenhagen summit ended in disarray last year.
Climate change 02-12-2010

Exorcising Copenhagen’s ghost

The EU was ''traumatised'' by being excluded from last-minute negotiations at the Copenhagen climate summit last year and will need to work hard in Cancún to regain its influence in climate diplomacy, writes Richard Youngs, director of Madrid-based think-tank FRIDE.
Climate change 30-11-2010

EU warns climate talks risk irrelevance as Cancún opens

The UN climate change process "risks losing momentum and relevance" if the new round of negotiations that opened in Cancún yesterday (29 November) fails to make progress towards a new climate treaty, the EU's climate action commissioner has warned.
Climate change 29-11-2010

Why bother going to 30%? Fatih Birol surely knows the answer

More investments in energy efficiency and low-carbon technologies, more jobs, better health, some regained climate leadership on a global level and an increased chance of keeping global temperature rises below 2°C by the end of the century are among the reasons why the EU should adopt a target of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2020, writes Stephen Boucher, programme director for EU climate policies, in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV to mark the beginning of the Cancún climate negotiations. 
Climate change 22-11-2010

Businesses ‘deploying clean tech’ despite slow UN talks

The slow pace of the international climate negotiations is not preventing large emerging countries from putting in place ambitious policies, said Mark Kenber, deputy CEO of The Climate Group. He was talking to EURACTIV ahead of the UN climate conference in Cancún, which starts next week (29 November).
Climate change 22-11-2010

Kenber: Businesses continue to deploy clean technologies despite slow UN negotiations

The slow pace of the international climate negotiations does not mean that there is no progress as large emerging countries are putting in place ambitious domestic climate legislation and businesses are increasingly looking to deploy clean technologies, Mark Kenber, deputy CEO of The Climate Group, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Future EU 18-11-2010

Barroso to tell Obama: Together we do better

US President Barack Obama will meet EU leaders for a two-hour meeting in Lisbon on the sidelines of a NATO summit on Saturday (20 November).
Climate change 10-11-2010

Funding the low-carbon revolution

Fighting world poverty cannot be separated from managing climate change, write Trevor Manuel, South Africa's minister for planning and Nicholas Stern, a member of the UK House of Lords and author of the Stern Report on the economic impact of climate change.
Climate change 06-07-2010

China to host climate talks before Mexico meeting

China will host an extra round of international negotiations in October aimed at fostering agreement over a new climate treaty, the United Nations' top environment official said in remarks published on Monday.
Trade & Society 28-06-2010

Hedegaard: ‘Tax what you burn, not what you earn’

'Don't tax what you earn, tax what you burn' should be the EU's response to safeguarding our welfare societies, EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard told EURACTIV in an interview, expressing support for an EU carbon tax. She spoke about progress in international climate negotiations and the EU's efforts to stay ahead of the game.
Trade & Society 28-06-2010

Hedegaard throws weight behind EU carbon tax

'Don't tax what you earn, tax what you burn'. In an interview with EURACTIV, EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard throws her weight behind an EU carbon tax and speaks about Europe's efforts to stay ahead of the game in international climate negotiations.
Climate change 08-06-2010

Friis: ‘Climate depression’ is over, full speed to Cancún

Countries negotiating to deliver an international climate deal are back in business and both Denmark and Mexico, the outgoing and incoming chairs of the UN-led talks, are developing a "GPS system" to successfully reach their destination on time by December, Danish Energy and Climate Change Minister Lykke Friis told EURACTIV in an interview.
Energy 08-06-2010

Friis: Growth starts with EU energy community

The EU started out with energy, as a coal and steel union, and 50 years later the bloc needs to draw up a new common energy policy as a precondition for growth, Danish Energy and Climate Change Minister Lykke Friis told EURACTIV in an interview.
Development Policy 25-03-2010

EU leaders to back conditional climate aid pledge

European Union leaders meeting in Brussels today (24 March) are set to confirm their commitment to providing €2.4 billion in immediate support to help poor nations tackle global warming, but only if other industrialised nations also make similar contributions, according to draft summit conclusions obtained by EURACTIV.
Climate change 17-03-2010

Mexico outlines road to Cancún climate conference

Mexico, the host of the next high-level UN climate conference on climate change, is working to draw up objectives for the Cancún talks, which will continue the search for a new international climate agreement at the end of the year .
Trade & Society 05-07-2004

Council taken to court over opaque workings of trade committee

WWF has taken the EU Council of Ministers to court after it was repeatedly denied access to working documents of its influential 133 Committee on external trade.
Trade & Society 03-11-2003

European industry leaders push for progress in WTO trade negotiations

On 30 October, 45 EU industry chiefs expressed their continued support for multilateralism in trade negotiations and urged the EU to make progress in WTO talks.
Trade & Society 22-09-2003

WTO: how to make it work for the poorest developing countries?

Participants at a CEPS conference on 19 September discussed ideas for the better representation of the interests of the poorest developing countries.
Trade & Society 16-09-2003

Cancún failure: what future for the WTO?

Two days following the Cancún trade ministers' gathering, trade experts are investigating the causes of failure and future prospects for the world trade body.