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Economy & Jobs 26-08-2019

Greece ends capital controls after 50 months

The Greek government fully lifted the capital controls introduced during the crisis in 2015 on Monday (26 August), in a sign of its growing economic confidence following the end of the bailout programme last year.
Euro & Finance 31-05-2016

The IMF discovers the downside of neoliberalism

Three IMF economists have signed a letter in which they say that neoliberal policies, in particular the opening of capital markets and austerity, have been “oversold”. EURACTIV’s partner La Tribune reports.
Euro & Finance 26-03-2013

Cyprus banks to re-open Thursday, but remain controlled

The full extent and duration of capital controls measures to be introduced by Cyprus to prevent cash flight from the island remained unclear yesterday (25 March), as the European Commission launched a task force to help ease the island’s plight.