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Economic governance 26-02-2020

Dombrovskis: EU’s fiscal rules are flexible for impact of coronavirus

The European Commission will be "flexible" with Italy and other member states affected by the coronavirus when assessing their efforts to balance their public accounts, European Commission vice-president Valdis Dombrovskis said in an interview.
Elections 23-08-2018

Cyprus insurer’s bankruptcy sends shockwaves through Bulgaria

The liquidation of Cyprus’ Olympic Insurance, largely unnoticed on the island, is sending shockwaves through Bulgaria as it has left almost 200,000 policyholders with no coverage, causing a serious political crisis.

MEPs ask to check financial sector’s investments against climate goals

EU legislators have proposed extending the European Supervisory Authorities’ (ESAs) powers to include checking the financial institutions’ investment portfolio alignment with the Paris Agreement on climate change.
Euro & Finance 02-01-2017

European infrastructure needs more than public funding

Europe’s leaders are stuck on the horns of a huge dilemma: how to invest more in critical infrastructure without burdening taxpayers further. Private capital is ready to invest in transport, energy, telecoms and healthcare, but existing barriers are holding it back, writes Michael Collins.
Euro & Finance 09-07-2012

Rapporteur: Parliament will not bow to pressure on bonuses

The capital requirements directive (CRD) will be agreed by the European Parliament this autumn, according to rapporteur Othmar Karas, but MEPs will not roll over and accept all EU ministers' opinions. The Assembly is prepared to put up a fight, notably on bankers’ bonuses, and the role of the European Banking Authority. 
Brexit 05-07-2012

UK warned: Parliament to hit back on bankers’ bonuses

The European Parliament will stand firm against Britain's attempt to limit proposals designed to curb bankers' bonuses and the powers of the European Banking Authority, an influential MEP told EURACTIV.
Brexit 16-05-2012

Finance ministers agree bank rules as UK wins concession

Rules designed to beef up bank capital in the wake of the financial crisis were agreed by EU finance ministers in Brussels yesterday (15 May) after the UK won a concession enabling it to preserve control for national supervisory authorities.
Brexit 15-05-2012

UK faces isolation or climb-down on bank rules

British Chancellor George Osborne is set for a showdown or climb-down with his EU counterparts today (15 May) as finance ministers meeting in Brussels seek to push through capital requirements proposals against opposition from the UK and Bulgaria.
Brexit 03-05-2012

EU bank talks collapse as UK’s Osborne walks out in fury

Britain's George Osborne accused fellow EU finance ministers of trying to water down Europe's bank capital rules and said this would make him "look like an idiot", as talks about a law to stop another financial crisis unravelled in Brussels.
Euro & Finance 02-05-2012

Danes push for grand compromise on bank rules

The Danish EU presidency plans today (2 May) to seek agreement on compromise measures designed to beef up capital requirements on 8,300 banks across Europe, as finance ministers meet for a special meeting in Brussels.
Euro & Finance 14-10-2011

Banks rebuff EU calls for higher capital

European banks have issued a sharply worded warning to EU leaders over the escalating debt crisis after the European Commission urged them this week to buffer capital levels or face pay cuts.
Euro & Finance 06-10-2011

Europeans working on bank ‘recapitalisation’ plan

Germany stands ready to help recapitalise its banks if necessary, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday (5 October), providing relief to financial markets amid speculation that policymakers were working on plans to boost bank capital to contain the euro zone debt crisis.
Euro & Finance 20-07-2011

EU’s banks face stringent capital rules

The EU will today (20 July) unveil new rules requiring banks to have three times as much capital on their balance sheets. Banks are eyeing the new rules with caution, while some governments warn that the requirements may be too tough. 
Euro & Finance 08-07-2010

EU lawmakers approve tough caps on bank bonuses

The European Parliament approved the world's toughest curbs on bank bonuses yesterday (7 July) as part of wider efforts to limit risk in a sector shored up by taxpayers. .
Euro & Finance 01-07-2010

EU close to slashing bankers’ bonuses

Bankers' bonuses in the EU could be capped at 30% of their salaries, rising to as much as 20% for higher salary bands, according to a possible deal struck by MEPs and EU member states late on Tuesday evening (29 June).