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The building of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.
Economy & Jobs 23-11-2021

EU banks largely unprepared for climate risks, ECB warns

Out of 112 European banks, not one is close to fully aligning with the European Central Bank's climate and environmental risk management guidelines, according to a new report.
Ecofin Roundtable
Banking union 10-11-2021

Basel III: Member states see national financial stability at risk

Member states with a significant presence of foreign banks fear that the EU Commission’s proposal to implement the Basel III agreement sacrifices their national financial stability to integrate the EU’s banking sector.
Economic governance 02-11-2021

Discussing EU fiscal rules is a ‘terrible mistake’, says historian Adam Tooze

In an interview with EURACTIV, a prominent economic historian and chronicler of economic crises argued for a different relationship between politics and finance and a new understanding of inflation. According to Adam Tooze, the European Union should focus on growth and not get bogged down in an argument about fiscal rules.
Valdis Dombrovskis and Mairead McGuinness
Economy & Jobs 27-10-2021

Commission wants more capital buffers for EU banks – in about a decade

Through a newly proposed banking package the EU commission is trying to find a balance between increasing financial stability, protecting bank profits and sustainability concerns.
Economy & Jobs 20-10-2021

Hedge fund billionaire calls for higher capital requirements for fossil fuel financing

Days before the Commission is expected to publish its proposal to change capital requirements rules, billionaire hedge fund manager Chris Hohn called for a stricter treatment of fossil fuel investments in banks’ balance sheets. His call is supported by activists and experts who fear the effects of climate change on financial stability
Economy & Jobs 12-11-2019

European banks face massive capital raising in challenging times

Europe will “faithfully” implement new international standards that will force its banks, struggling to regain investor trust, to raise around €135 billion in additional capital to face future crises, the European Commission said on Tuesday (12 November).

Sustainable finance requires a change in incentives

Hurricane Harvey’s trail of carnage through Houston, the oil capital of the US, was a stark reminder of the effect that climate change can have on our economy, writes Peter Blom.
Euro & Finance 08-01-2013

EU hails bank liquidity deal as ‘fundamental’ for economic recovery

The European Commission has hailed an agreement by global regulators in the Basel Committee, which gave banks four more years and greater flexibility to build up cash buffers so they can use some of their reserves to help struggling economies grow.
Euro & Finance 12-07-2011

Brussels to propose curbs on sovereign debt ratings

Michel Barnier, the EU's internal market commissioner, has announced draft EU laws aimed at bringing more transparency to how credit rating agencies assess sovereign debt, days after Moody's downgraded Portugal, which is benefiting from an EU/IMF bailout.
Euro & Finance 10-02-2011

EU wants Lehman-proof capital requirements

The European Commission wants to raise the amount of capital held by its banks to shield against losses incurred by derivatives trading, such as those which brought Lehman Brothers to a standstill in 2008, according to a paper.
Euro & Finance 14-09-2010

EU to adopt new Basel rules in 2011

The European Commission yesterday announced plans to adopt new capital rules for banks next year after the Basel Banking Committee agreed to higher capital standards on Sunday (12 September).