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A CCS wake-up call

Reaching net-zero emissions means not only decarbonising the electricity system but the whole energy system. And Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) will be necessary to achieve that, writes Guloren Turan.

How will oil producing countries meet the challenge of climate change?

As the United Nations COP24 gets underway in Poland, leading oil and gas players – countries and companies – are confronted with the challenge of mapping out their share of the new energy economy, writes Robin Mills.
Climate change 24-10-2018

Parliament’s climate resolution is misguided over CCS

A proposal to disregard CO2 capture and underground storage is doing the rounds in Strasbourg ahead of a Plenary vote on a COP24 Resolution on Thursday (25 October). The proposal is anti-science and anti-technology and must be rejected, writes Frederic Hauge.
Energy 23-10-2018

CCUS is essential to reach net-zero emissions

Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) is not a silver bullet solution for climate change but a vital tool for reducing industrial emissions and enabling clean hydrogen production, argues Graeme Sweeney.
Climate change 04-12-2017

An implementation plan for CCS and CCU in Europe

2017 has seen a number of positive developments for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in Europe. The EU now needs to put in place a long-term policy framework that incentivises this low-carbon technology in Europe, writes Graeme Sweeney.
Energy 07-02-2017

The future of clean coal and Europe’s new geopolitics of energy

Climate change denialism may have swept the Trump Administration, but the fight against global warming and greenhouse gases remains at the top of the agenda for most other international organisations and governments, writes Nicolas Tenzer.
Climate change 16-12-2015

The early success of COP21

The Paris climate conference largely succeeded on its first day in global participation, low carbon innovation and carbon pricing, writes Professor Michael Grubb.
Climate change 28-10-2015

ETS reform: A real chance for CCS

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) remains a cost-effective measure that is currently underutilised. This must change, writes Dr. Graeme Sweeney.

If COP21 cannot deliver a 2°C deal, what must it do?

With eight weeks until the close of COP21, it’s now clear how much more ambitious world leaders’ commitments must become in order to prevent irreversible climate change, writes Jeremy Woods.   
Climate change 29-09-2015

America is leading the CO2 reduction game

Europe needs to incentivise carbon capture and storage technology if it to keep up with the Americans on CO2 emissions reduction, argues Chris Davies.
Energy 24-09-2015

A catalyst for carbon capture and storage

The lack of political direction has been the greatest obstacle to the deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage, writes Graeme Sweeney.
Climate change 11-09-2015

France makes a bold move on coal finance: Will other countries follow?

President Hollande announced that France would no longer provide financial support for coal-fired power plants overseas unless they are equipped with carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, writes Pascal Canfin.
Graeme Sweeney. [Thechoppingcompany].

Europe’s Energy Union needs carbon capture and storage

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) should be an integral part of the European Commission's Energy Union proposal, argues Graeme Sweeney, as it provides the only decarbonisation option for some energy-intensive industries.
Energy 09-01-2015

Capture the carbon

The only way to limit global warming to less than two degrees is to combine renewable energy and energy efficiency with a large expansion in the use of carbon capture and storage, writes Christian Friis Bach.
Graeme Sweeney. [Thechoppingcompany].

Funding decision for White Rose project would be a strong signal for CCS

If the White Rose project receives European funding, it will send a strong signal for more investment in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), argues Graeme Sweeney.
Energy 16-09-2013

Re-setting the way to a decarbonised Europe

In its EU Energy Roadmap 2050, the European Commission recognises that Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is the only technology available to mitigate CO2 emissions from large-scale fossil fuel use. The EU badly needs a successful CCS programme by 2020 and can no longer afford delays, writes Graeme Sweeney.
Climate change 28-06-2013

EU will face severe consequences if it does not support carbon capture and storage

Five years ago the EU was the world leader in championing carbon capture and storage (CCS) but it has since slipped from the top spot due to a lack of investment in this essential part of the EU's objective to reduce carbon emissions, writes Graeme Sweeney.
Trade & Society 21-05-2013

Soaring energy costs make Europeans poor

As more people are affected by rising energy costs across Europe it is time for EU leaders to finally re-balance the energy debate and put affordability and security of supply on a par with decarbonisation goals, argues Milton Catelin.
Brexit 14-10-2009

Copenhagen needs CCS

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) has the potential to remove 90% of the CO2 emissions from coal-fired power stations, writes UK State Secretary for Energy and Climate Change Ed Miliband ahead of December's UN summit in Copenhagen.
Climate change 06-05-2008

US should adopt a comprehensive cap-and-trade system

Growing public concern, scientific evidence and action at local level provides ample motivation to adopt a CO2 emissions regime at the federal level in the US, claims Harvard Professor Robert Stavins in a 14 April discussion paper for the Belfer Center at Harvard University.
Energy 16-01-2008

The cost of reducing US greenhouse gas emissions

The US needs "strong, coordinated, economy-wide action" in the form of a comprehensive abatement programme to prevent a sharp increase in greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), a recent study by McKinsey suggests.

Low-carbon technologies in the post-Bali period

Firms' reduction commitments that give carbon a value will be 'critical' in any post-2012 climate change agreement in order to create a framework where innovation for climate change technologies flourishes, the authors of a December CEPS paper suggest. 
Brexit 18-09-2007

Making the case for carbon storage

Capturing and storing CO2 before it enters the atmosphere is being advocated as an innovative and promising contribution to the fight against climate change, writes Belle Dumé in an article outlining the risks and opportunities of carbon capture and storage (CCS).