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Why Europe should champion a carbon border tax

Building a carbon wall around Europe is instrumental to the success of the European Green Deal, and the EU should move forward without delay, argues Auke Lont.

Von der Leyen’s French inspiration on climate protection

Ursula von der Leyen has great plans for environmental protection. Some of her ideas have long been propagated by France, but have been ignored by Germany so far. Can the new European Commission President change that? EURACTIV Germany reports.

Bas Eickhout: EU carbon market needs alignment with 2050 goal

The next European Commission will have to reopen the Emissions Trading Scheme directive if it is serious about reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, argues Bas Eickhout, warning the next Commission chief will need to find a broader majority in the European Parliament than his predecessor.

BusinessEurope warms to Macron’s EU carbon tariff idea

Marking a departure from its existing policy, Europe’s biggest business lobby group said it was discussing a carbon tariff at the EU's border in order to restore a level playing field with countries like China or the US, which do not impose a pollution constraint on their industries.
Climate change 25-06-2018

Climate action should be a condition for future EU trade deals

The European Union should support France’s proposal to add compliance with the Paris Agreement as an essential element of EU trade accords, writes Steve Herz.

Ministers highlight European divide over carbon price floor

While France is pushing for the implementation of a carbon price floor at EU level and is looking for allies in the bloc, Poland sees energy storage technologies as key to a successful European climate policy.
Energy 22-03-2018

France to push for EU carbon price floor and border tariff

Paris will push for a carbon price floor at EU level, complete with a carbon tariff at Europe's external border for countries that don't sign up to the Paris Agreement, French President Emmanuel Macron said in Brussels on Thursday (22 March).
Climate change 10-02-2017

Carbon market reform vote puts EU cement sector in the spotlight

Green lawmakers in the European Parliament have raised the stakes in the proposed overhaul of the EU carbon market, saying they would reject any deal that leaves the cement sector off the hook when the reform comes to a vote next week.
Climate change 19-02-2013

Carbon taxation: An old-new idea whose time may soon come?

In the debate over the future of the EU’s Emissions Trading System (ETS), a diverse and increasing vocal array of figures cutting across party lines has spoken out for an old-new way of cutting CO2 emissions: a carbon tax.
Climate change 18-05-2012

French to revive Sarkozy’s EU carbon tariff idea

Arnaud Montebourg, the newly-appointed French minister for "industrial revival" who has built a reputation for his fierce attacks against globalisation, has promised to revive old plans by Nicolas Sarkzoy for a carbon tariff at the EU's borders, an idea previously rejected as protectionist among France's European partners.
Future EU 07-04-2011

Leading MEPs propose VAT, carbon tariff for EU budget

Three prominent MEPs proposed to completely revise the structure of the EU budget yesterday (6 April), replacing national contributions with the EU's own resources, primarily through a 'carbon tariff' on imported products and a value-added tax. EURACTIV France reports.
Climate change 10-11-2010

Funding the low-carbon revolution

Fighting world poverty cannot be separated from managing climate change, write Trevor Manuel, South Africa's minister for planning and Nicholas Stern, a member of the UK House of Lords and author of the Stern Report on the economic impact of climate change.
Trade & Society 18-05-2010

France details plans for ‘carbon inclusion mechanism’

A campaign led by French President Nicolas Sarkozy to introduce carbon tariffs at EU borders in order to restore fair competition with freely-polluting industries in China is being revamped in Brussels to allay fears that it might trigger a trade war.
Climate change 16-04-2010

Italy joins French calls for EU carbon tariff

France and Italy urged the European Union on Thursday (15 April) to impose carbon tariffs on countries that are not part of a global agreement to curb greenhouse gases, an idea opposed by the European Commission and other EU members.