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  • Carbon Tax: A Fiscal Exit Strategy of the Crisis

    Opinion | Euro & Finance 15-09-2009

    An EU-wide carbon tax could provide a solution to "many of the main problems of today," claims Žiga Turk, university professor and former Slovenian minister for growth, in a recent post on Blogactiv.

  • Sarkozy renews pressure for CO2 border tax

    News | Climate change 14-09-2009

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy repeated calls to impose a European tax on goods imported from countries with less stringent environmental laws as he outlined plans for a new carbon tax on French households and industries last week (10 September).

  • Carbon tariffs falling out of favour as trade war looms

    News | Development Policy 28-07-2009

    A majority of European countries are reluctant to pick up on current debates in France and the United States about carbon tariffs designed to fend off competition from countries which have not committed to reducing emissions, for fear of triggering a green trade war.

  • France lines up carbon tax

    News | Climate change 12-06-2009

    The French government has set the ball rolling to introduce a carbon tax in 2011, anticipating support for Sweden's plans to make implementing such a scheme at EU level the priority of its upcoming six-month turn at the bloc's helm.

  • Swedes to push for CO2 tax at EU helm

    News | Climate change 12-05-2009

    Sweden wants to push for a tax on CO2 in sectors that do not participate in the EU's emissions trading scheme (EU ETS) upon assuming the EU helm in July, said the country's environment minister, Andreas Carlgren.

  • The EU ETS: The Big Baby in the Bath Water

    Opinion | Climate change 02-04-2009

    "A cap & trade system remains the most suitable tool to address emissions reductions worldwide in comparison with carbon taxation," writes Maïté Jaureguy-Naudin, a researcher at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), in a March paper.

  • Shell backs carbon pricing in 2050 energy scenario

    News | Energy 08-04-2008

    In the context of soaring global energy demand, demographic pressures, fossil fuel supply constraints and environmental degradation, Shell has come out in favour of a 'new coalition of interests' in support of less energy-intensive development. 

  • ‘Myth and realities’ behind industry lobbying on climate change

    Opinion | Sustainable Development 12-03-2008

    The EU's energy intensive industries are trying to get a "free lunch" in the EU's climate change agenda by making false claims and creating excessive "hype" about the threat of delocalisation or "carbon leakage", writes Green MEP Claude Turmes ahead of the upcoming Council summit.

  • EU warned of trade war over climate measures

    News | Trade & Society 28-01-2008

    The EU found itself on a collision course with its major trading partners last week after the Commission announced it was considering forcing importers to pay pollution charges on carbon-heavy imports. 

  • Britain and US up in arms against EU carbon tax

    News | Trade & Society 23-01-2008

    An announcement by Commission President José Manuel Barroso that new climate change legislation, due to be presented today (23 January), could require exporters in countries with lax climate policies to buy EU pollution permits if they wish to trade within the bloc has infuriated the UK and US governments.

  • Cap and Trade versus Carbon Tax

    Opinion | Development Policy 27-08-2007

    The climate-change debate has shifted, claim Eileen Claussen and Judith Greenwald of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change in a July 2007 article for the Miami Herald.

  • Experts disagree on EU energy market liberalisation

    News | Energy 27-06-2007

    On 26 June, panellists from a range of sectors debated the role of regulation, fiscal incentives, consumers and other issues related to the transformation of the EU's energy market in light of climate-change and energy-security concerns.