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Climate change 18-05-2012

Negotiate a world carbon price signal, now

Every country in the world should each make a commitment to introduce a carbon price aligned with a scientifically-validated international standard, say Stéphane Dion and Éloi Laurent.
Climate change 11-07-2011

The EU budget: lean and green

With a significant rise of climate-related spending, the European Commission's proposed next EU budget demonstrates a clear commitment to sustainable growth and transforming Europe into a low-carbon society, argues EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard.
Climate change 01-06-2010

The merit of sectoral approaches in transitioning towards a global carbon market

Providing potentially the strongest link between the EU's emissions trading scheme and sectoral approaches, sectoral benchmarks can be used for setting caps and free allocations, or can become a catalyst for linking the world's carbon markets, writes Noriko Fujiwara, head of climate change and a research fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), in a May special report.