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EU leaders pay lip service to green commitments, says EEB

The European Environmental Bureau has accused the EU leaders of ignoring their 1998 Cardiff pledge to systematically integrate environmental issues in all policy decisions.
Future EU 06-05-2003

Convention: environment ministers call for greener Constitution

EU Environment ministers insisted on the inclusion in the Constitutional Treaty of sustainable development as one of the central objectives of the Union during their informal Summit on 2-3 May.

EEA: Candidate countries heading down road of unsustainable transport

A new report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) warns that EU candidate countries are rapidly adopting the EU's unsustainable transport patterns. A growing level of total transport traffic is largely being driven by an increase in road transport.
Transport 04-12-2002

Last Transport Council under Danish presidency faces high expectations

The Transport Council of 5-6 December is to discuss maritime safety, air transport, heavy goods transport through Austria, the revitalisation of the EU's railways and the integration of environmental into transport policy. It is the last meeting of Transport ministers under the Danish presidency.

EU to review strategy to integrate environment into internal market policies

The Competitiveness Council adopted on 14 November a report on the integration of environmental protection and sustainable development into the internal market aspects of competitiveness policy. The report shows that Member States have an important deficit in implementing environmental internal market directives.

Council adopts strategy for integrating environmental concern into external policies

In time for the Barcelona summit, the General Affairs Council finalised its contribution to the debate on sustainable development. The Ministers adopted a strategy for the better integrating environmental considerations into EU's external policy.

Biodiversity becomes Commission priority

European Commission adopts series of action plans to integrate biodiversity protection into several EU policies