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Euro & Finance 13-12-2013

Technical spats set to dog payment cards debate

Key rule changes designed to introduce more competition and update the credit and debit card payments landscape are set to ignite a lengthy dispute over technicalities when they come before committee in the European Parliament next week.
Enlargement 18-07-2006

New Financing Instrument for Potential EU Member States

Ministers have agreed on new financial tool to help potential EU members to get ready for accession.
Enlargement 12-04-2005

Commission approves CARDS aid package to Western Balkans

The Commission has allocated 272.5 million euros in aid to Serbia and Montenegro, Kosovo and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).
Central Europe 20-07-2004

Commission offers development aid to Croatia

The Commission has offered Croatia a 76 million euro purse in development aid under the CARDS (Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development and Stabilisation) programme.
Central Europe 11-06-2003

Commission adopts CARDS assistance purse for Croatia

Under the Commission's Annual Programme for Croatia adopted on 6 June, the EU's newest applicant country will receive a total of 62 million euro in aid in 2003.
Enlargement 09-01-2002

New assistance framework for Yugoslavia adopted

The European Commission has adopted a five-year strategic framework for its financial assistance to Yugoslavia. Under the new strategy, Yugoslavia will receive 960 million euro in EU aid over the first three years (2002-2004).
Central Europe 20-12-2001

EU adopts new assistance strategy for Croatia and Albania

The European Commission has adopted new strategic frameworks for its financial assistance to Croatia and Albania. The so-called CARDS programme (Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Democratisation and Stabilisation) supports the participation of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Yugoslavia in the EU's Stabilisation and Association Process.