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Politics 11-05-2018

Puigdemont steps down, names successor for Catalonia’s presidency

Carles Puigdemont, the former president of Catalonia who organised the illegal independence referendum in October 2017, nominated on Thursday (10 May) a pro-independence politician as his successor at the head of Spain’s rebellious region.
Future EU 22-09-2017

Catalan referendum: The EU’s silence

As Catalonia's independence referendum crisis deepens, EU officials are staying doggedly tight-lipped even as diplomats privately voice serious concern at a situation some regard as a challenge to fundamental European values.
Future EU 29-06-2016

Rajoy warns against talks with Scotland on EU membership

Spain has opposed any talks with the Scottish government over a possible future EU membership bid for fear of fueling secessionist forces in Catalonia in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum.
Elections 03-05-2016

Catalonia leader plans ‘charm offensive’ after Brexit referendum

Catalonia President Carles Puigdemont found the EU institutions’ doors closed in his first official visit to Belgium in early May, but he said that he would embark on a charm offensive after the in-or-out referendum in the United Kingdom next June.
Elections 23-09-2015

Catalan rep: The EU should push Madrid towards a ‘more constructive stance’

'We would have already expected a more explicit invitation of encouragement by EU leaders and institutions to Madrid to engage in some kind of political discussion,” said Amadeu Altafaj, the Permanent Representative of Catalonia in Brussels.
Elections 23-09-2015

Catalan rep: Commission position is ‘too partial, too easy and incomplete’

A former journalist turned EU official, Amadeu Altafaj has been sitting on both sides of the fence. Now, as the Permanent Representative of Catalonia in Brussels, he wants the EU to give its blessing to the region's independence process after the local elections to be held on Sunday (27 September).

Catalonia faces wall of Spanish indifference, regional government says

A Catalan election this month, which the pro-independence movement has billed as a proxy on independence, is due to indifference to Catalan demands shown by Madrid, the head of the regional government said on Wednesday (2 September).
Med & South 19-01-2015

Catalonia takes election gamble to keep independence drive alive

Catalonian leaders are hoping that a regional election in September will keep alive a fading independence drive and force the hand of Spain's central government - but the move could also backfire.
Elections 27-11-2014

Catalonia calls regional election step towards independence

Catalonia's two main parties yesterday (26 November) moved a step closer to calling a snap regional election they want to use as a proxy for a referendum on independence from Spain.
Elections 10-11-2014

Massive turnout strengthens Catalonia’s pro-independence camp

Millions of Catalans voted yesterday (9 November) in a symbolic referendum on independence from Spain that supporters hope will propel the issue further despite opposition from Madrid.
Languages & Culture 31-10-2014

Spanish government moves against Catalonia’s ‘pseudo vote’

The Spanish state adviser yesterday (30 October) backed a veto of a watered-down Catalan vote on independence planned for 9 November, making it likely the government will try and have the "consultation of citizens" blocked by the courts.
Mariano Rajoy [Spanish government]
Languages & Culture 28-10-2014

Spain moves to block Catalonia’s independence ‘consultation’

Spain's central government took the first step on Monday (27 October) towards blocking a "consultation of citizens" that the Catalonia region intends to hold next month in the place of a full referendum on independence from Spain that was barred by a court.
Elections 15-10-2014

Spain’s Rajoy says “chapter of dialogue” is opened with Catalonia

Spain's Prime Minister said on Wednesday ( 15 October) that a new "chapter of dialogue" was being opened with Catalonia, after the northeastern region dropped plans to hold a referendum on independence next month.
Elections 14-10-2014

Catalonia to seek alternative to referendum

The leader of Spain's Catalonia region will call off a referendum on independence from Spain planned for 9 November, and look for alternative ways to consult Catalans, a key regional political party said yesterday (13 October).
Elections 30-09-2014

Madrid suspends Catalonia referendum

Spain's Constitutional Court suspended yesterday (29 September) an independence referendum called by Catalonia for November, although political forces in the wealthy northeastern region forged ahead with a political campaign ahead of their planned vote.
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Global Europe 18-09-2014

Europe awaits Scotland’s independence vote

"Should Scotland be an independent country?" Over 4 million Scots are set to go the polls on Thursday to answer this question and decide whether or not they want to stay part of the United Kingdom.
Brexit 18-09-2014

EU holds its breath as Scots go to polls

The EU has largely kept a diplomatic silence in the weeks before today’s Scotland's independence referendum, but the implications of a “yes” vote are broadly seen in Brussels as the last thing the Union needs in its present difficult circumstances.
Elections 05-05-2014

Catalonian independence creates EU election issue

Catalonia’s President is pushing for an independence referendum to be held in November. In spite of the official EU position that this is an internal matter for Spain, leading candidates for the European elections have made comments signalling divisions. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Languages & Culture 09-04-2014

Spanish parliament rejects Catalonia referendum

Catalonia President Artur Mas said yesterday (8 April) he would forge ahead with his region's plans to hold a referendum on independence in November after Spain's parliament overwhelmingly rejected the petition.