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  • ‘Palestine Papers’ bear the failure of US as mediator

    Global Europe 26-01-2011

    The leaked 'Palestine Papers' on concessions offered to Israel show the failure of the US as principal mediator and give the EU an opportunity to step up its role in peace talks, argues Spyros Danellis MEP, a member of the European Parliament's Palestine delegation, in an opinion piece sent exclusively to EURACTIV.

  • After Lisbon: The state of the Union

    Future EU 13-04-2010

    "The main goal of the Lisbon Treaty is to create the conditions that will enable the EU to speak with a coherent voice," writes Álvaro de Vasconcelos, head of the Institute for Security Studies, in an April paper.

  • EU recalibrations can help avert Sudan disaster

    Global Europe 09-04-2010

    Sudan's difficult political path in the next year will represent a big test for external actors in the country, including the European Union, writes Oladiran Bello from Madrid-based think-tank FRIDE.

  • To-do list for Catherine Ashton: EU-Russia relations

    Med & South 01-12-2009

    "It seems that the strategic interests of most EU countries versus Russia are actually similar," write Adam Balcer, Adam Jasser and Pawe? ?wieboda of the Polish foundation 'Demos EUROPA' in a November paper analysing the task facing new EU High Representative Catherine Ashton in winning the confidence of Europe's citizens.

  • Two new leaders in search of a job description

    EU Priorities 2020 30-11-2009

    Although the EU has appointed its first permanent president of the Council and High Representative for Foreign Affairs, "the question of precisely what powers they will exercise remains largely unknown, as it is not yet clear how they will perform as individuals and in tandem," write Piotr Kaczy?ski and Peadar ó Broin of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in a November paper.

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