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Brexit 12-04-2016

UK MEPs warn Brexit will damage NHS

If the UK leaves the EU, there will undoubtedly be consequences for the National Health Service and public health ― and mostly for the worse, warn a cross-party selection of British MEPs.
Brexit 13-01-2016

House of Lords warned EU will punish UK if it votes for Brexit

The UK’s House of Lords has been warned that Britain will be made an example of by the European Union, if it votes to quit the bloc in the upcoming referendum.
Transport 17-12-2015

Parliament establishes committee of inquiry into Dieselgate scandal

The European Parliament voted Thursday (17 December) to launch a committee of inquiry into the Volkswagen emissions scandal, with a mandate to investigate the failures of the European Commission and member states to enforce EU legislation.
MEPs pushed to save maternity leave earlier this year

MEPs fuming over Commission’s abandonment of Maternity Leave Directive

MEPs are fuming over the European Commission's move yesterday (1 July) to abandon laws that would expand maternity leave to 18 weeks.

Timmermans: Deadlocked maternity leave extension will be ditched

Deadlocked draft European Union laws to extend maternity leave to 18 weeks will be ditched, but only after the European Commission puts forward replacement rules with more chance of being backed by national governments.
Agrifood 18-03-2015

EU agricultural imports linked to illegal deforestation, study claims

The European Union is one of the world’s largest importers of agricultural goods from illegally deforested land, a report published yesterday (17 March) by Fern, a green NGO, has found.

It’s time for the EU to get serious about wildlife crime

At this year’s UN World Wildlife Day, people and organisations all over the world celebrated the stunning diversity of flora and fauna around the planet, writes Catherine Bearder MEP.

EU lawmakers back 6% cap on food-based biofuels

The European Parliament's environment committee on Tuesday (24 February) backed a new limit on traditional biofuels made from food crops that critics say stoke inflation and do more harm than good to the environment.

Parliament divisions stop joint resolution to save environmental laws

The European Parliament’s failure to pass a joint resolution against the Commission’s ditching of green legislation does not mean it backs the decision, MEPs and campaigners have said.
Agrifood 15-01-2015

GM crops to be fast-tracked in UK following EU vote

GM crops could be speedily brought to the UK market after MEPs voted to allow countries to choose whether to grow the crops on Tuesday. The new EU law, which comes into force this spring, will allow states to cultivate GM crops that have already been approved by the European Food Safety Authority (Efsa).
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EU Priorities 2020 18-12-2014

Open minded politicians redefine liberalism in Lisbon

At the 2014 Congress in Lisbon, Portugal, delegates from across Europe, from ALDE Party member parties and individual members, looked outward and explored the ideological maps of Liberalism to find new ways of taking forward our ideas and values.

Europe’s ‘historic moment’ on plastics bags contested by industry advocates

As lawmakers reached agreement this week to limit the use of plastic bags across Europe, industry voices warned that such rules will have a negative impact on trade in Europe's internal market.
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Brexit 19-11-2014

EU court rules UK must clean up air pollution

The UK government will be forced to urgently clean up illegal air pollution in British cities following a ruling on Wednesday in the European court of justice. It is likely to see many diesel cars and heavy goods vehicles restricted from city centres within a few years.
Development Policy 19-11-2014

NGOs: New Commissioner should break silence over open defecation

World Toilet Day was marked today (19 November) in the European Parliament with a conference, during which pressure groups called on new Commissioner for Development Neven Mimica to not be shy about discussing open defecation.
Development Policy 19-11-2014

World Toilet Day: EU should make sanitation a development priority

Today marks UN World Toilet Day. In Europe we might question the need for a special commemorative day for something that for us is so trivial and commonplace. But for many people around the world, this is no joke., writes MEP Catherine Bearder.
Climate change 14-11-2014

The EU must act to stamp out the illegal wildlife trade

If we want to prevent the relentless slaughter of animals like African elephants, and rhinos, the EU must act now, writes Catherine Bearder.