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Eastern Europe 19-07-2021

Charles Michel heralds more EU involvement in the South Caucasus

European Council President Charles Michel will attend a regional summit in the Georgian Black Sea city of Batumi on Monday (19 July), after a weekend visit of Armenia and Azerbaijan, in what appears as an attempt to keep the region closer to the EU. EURACTIV reports from Batumi.
Azerbaijan 16-12-2020

The importance of Azerbaijan to the EU: What path to develop deeper relations?

In the Caucasus, political stability in recent years has allowed the region to experience strong and consistent economic growth. More recently, big energy infrastructure projects such as the Southern Gas Corridor and the East-West Corridor have also underlined the strategic...
Eastern Europe 08-10-2020

A Georgian perspective: Peace in the South Caucasus is the only common goal

It is perfectly natural for Georgia, as a neighbouring country, to express her readiness to support a Nagorno-Karabakh peace process and host a dialogue between Armenia and Azerbaijan, writes Victor Kipiani.
Global Europe 19-10-2016

Compromising in the Caucasus

A change in the status quo of the frozen Nagorno-Karabakh conflict would affect all regional players, writes Antonia Colibasanu.
Armenia 19-02-2013

Armenian president wins second term by wide margin

Armenian President Serzh Sarksyan won a second five-year term, the Central Electoral Commission said on Tuesday (19 February). 
Med & South 14-12-2010

Lithuania Minister: Cuts to EU’s long-term budget may be necessary

Some cuts to the EU's long-term budget for the period 2014-2020 may be necessary given current financial realities, but severe cuts would reduce the European Union's capacity to act as a global player, Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Minister Audronius Ažubalis told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Med & South 14-12-2010

Belarus nuclear power plant ‘worries’ Lithuania

Plans by Belarus to build a nuclear power plant 50 kilometres away from Vilnius are a worry for Lithuania, the country's foreign minister, Audronius Ažubalis, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Med & South 16-07-2010

EU displays commitment to Georgia

The EU opened talks on an association agreement with Georgia yesterday (15 July) in a move that will boost the former Soviet republic's hopes of forging closer ties with the West. The agreement, however, does not promise future EU accession.
Enlargement 16-12-2009

Poland stops refugees’ Strasbourg protest

A train carrying over 200 refugees from the Caucasus residing in Poland was blocked yesterday (15 December) at the German border, Polish media reported. The refugees were on their way to protest to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg about poor living conditions.
Armenia 16-10-2009

Turkey’s game for the Caucasus

"The process of normalising Turkish-Armenian relations which has been observed [since the Russian-Georgian war in August 2008] is the most important element of Turkey's new policy towards the Caucasus," writes Maciej Falkowski, a researcher at the Warsaw-based Centre for Eastern Studies (CES), in an October paper.
Global Europe 03-09-2008

Crisis in the South Caucasus: Turkey’s Big Moment?

The Georgia-Russia crisis offers Turkey "a unique chance to bolster its regional clout, check Russian and Iranian influence and help secure the flow of Western-bound oil and natural gas from former Soviet Central Asia and Azerbaijan," writes Amberin Zaman in an August analysis for the German Marshall Fund of the United States.
Global Europe 20-08-2008

Erhard Busek: ‘More than declarations’ needed in Caucasus

Setting up a 'Stability Pact' for the Caucasus, as was done in South Eastern Europe after the Kosovo war, could help bring peace to the region but is not currently feasible due to a lack of powerful incentives for the region, Erhard Busek, the special coordinator of the South Eastern European Stability Pact, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Global Europe 09-06-2008

Georgia considering tougher stance on Abkhazia

Powerful advisers around President Mikheil Saakashvili appear increasingly convinced that a military operation in Abkhazia is "feasible and necessary", according to a fresh report from the International Crisis Group (ICG).
Security 19-06-2006

A Synergy for Black Sea Regional Cooperation

Fabrizio Tassinari (CEPS) looks into the manifold challenges arising from the Black Sea area, taking into account recent developments that should raise the EU interest in the region. He also advocates the idea of an EU initiative to make most of the existing attempts of regional cooperation in this area.
Med & South 16-02-2006

EU to strengthen Caucasus ties

The EU aims to take its partnership with the Southern Caucasus states "up a gear" through the visit of External Relations Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner to the region.
Enlargement 22-07-2005

The Black Sea as epicentre of the aftershocks of the EU’s earthquake

In this new policy brief, CEPS Senior Research Fellow Michael Emerson asserts that the aftershocks of the EU’s failed referenda on the European Constitution will be most sharply felt – in an external sense – in the Black Sea region.
Med & South 27-04-2005

Council: Action plans needed for south Caucasus

The EU's foreign ministers aim to conclude work on action plans to boost co-operation with Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia by the end of 2005.
Enlargement 25-09-2000

New CEPS report on Caucasus Stability Pact

CEPS releases follow-up report on Caucasus Stability Pact.
Enlargement 14-07-2000

CEPS to present Caucasus Stability Pact to presidents of Caucasus countries

The Centre for European Policy Studies is to make direct presentations of its proposed "Stability Pact for the Caucasus" to each of the three Presidents of the South Caucasus region.
Enlargement 06-07-2000

Fischer endorses idea of Caucasus Stability Pact

German Foreign Minister Fischer called for a stability pact for the Caucasus region, similar to the Stability Pact for the Balkans.

Stability pact for Caucasian region

CEPS has presented its plans for a Caucasian "stability pact"