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Economy & Jobs 07-10-2020

Cayman Islands removal from EU blacklist prompts backlash

The Cayman Islands was removed on Tuesday (6 October) from the EU’s list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions, prompting a swift backlash from civil society groups. Meanwhile, the EU added Barbados and Anguilla to the list because of tax transparency concerns.
Economy & Jobs 18-02-2020

EU expands tax havens blacklist to Cayman Islands and Panama

EU finance ministers added on Tuesday (18 February) the Cayman Islands and Panama, together with Palau and the Seychelles, to the bloc's blacklist of tax havens, which now includes twelve countries.
Economy & Jobs 03-05-2018

Campaigners hail ‘significant’ UK move on tax havens

Britain's historic decision to compel its overseas territories to identify the owners of registered companies marks a "significant" moment in the global crackdown on dirty money, campaigners said Wednesday (2 May).
Euro & Finance 18-03-2016

NGOs reveal extensive use of tax havens by French banks

The public country-by-country reporting imposed by Paris on France’s big banks has revealed that they channel more than a third of their profits through countries with advantageous tax laws, a group of  NGOs have found. EURACTIV France reports.