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Brexit 13-07-2018

May’s Brexit blueprint faces backlash after sacrificing services

Even though Theresa May’s Brexit White Paper prompted a furious reaction from a large section of her Conservative party, not to mention a broadside from US President Donald Trump, not everyone was unhappy with it.
Brexit 03-03-2017

UK firms report stronger growth, but SMEs hoard cash as Brexit looms

Growth in the UK private sector picked up speed, according to a survey published on today (3 March) by an employers group but Britain's smaller companies are hoarding cash and cutting investment as confidence starts to wobble as the government sets off down the uncertain path of leaving the EU.
Brexit 21-11-2016

Britain’s Brexit minister holds first meetings in Brussels and Strasbourg

Britain’s ‘Brexit’ minister headed to Brussels and Strasbourg Monday (21 November), in his first official meetings on the continent since taking up the portfolio after the UK’s June referendum.
Brexit 09-11-2015

Cameron heckled by Eurosceptics at CBI speech

British Prime Minister David Cameron was heckled by Eurosceptic protestors Monday (9 November) as he denied he was planning to campaign for Britain to stay in the EU regardless of the outcome of his bid for renegotiations.
Brexit 20-05-2015

Business lobby tells British CEOs to ‘come out for the EU’

Britain's top bosses should defend membership of the European Union by telling voters it is the best guarantee of prosperity, the head of the country's largest business lobby group will say on Wednesday (20 May).
Brexit 12-09-2013

EU exit bad for most British businesses, poll suggests

Eight out of 10 British companies think pulling out of the European Union would be bad for business, according to a poll published today (12 September).
Brexit 02-07-2013

UK business group tells Brussels: Let us have our nuclear renaissance

The EU should stop "skewing" Europe’s energy market in favour of renewables and allow the UK to build a £14 billion nuclear reactor at Hinkley C, the deputy director-general of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has told EURACTIV.
Future EU 10-12-2002

CBI censures Europe for failing to cut red tape

In its submission to the Convention, the Confederation of British Industry argues that the Union has generally failed to deliver on its promise to cut red tape.