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Economy & Jobs 04-05-2017

Commission eases rules for controversial derivatives sector

The European Commission today (4 April) presented various initiatives intended to temper regulation and cash requirements firms need to satisfy in order to trade sophisticated financial products, aimed at boosting the European economy.
Euro & Finance 13-04-2012

Deutsche Börse accused of speculating against French debt

Eurex, a subsidiary of Deutsche Börse, will launch on April 16 a new futures contract on French government bonds, a move that is drawing the ire of French Socialists who accused the German group of speculating on France's insolvency.
Brexit 19-10-2011

EU strikes deal to ban ‘naked’ CDS

Brussels gave green light yesterday (18 October) to ban "naked" credit default swaps (CDS) on sovereign debt in an attempt to curb what some policymakers see as hedge fund bets on the euro zone crisis.
Euro & Finance 22-09-2011

EU short-selling talks collapse amid sovereign debt fears

Negotiations to regulate short-selling in Europe collapsed for the second time this week over fears that legislation would further destabilise the sovereign debt markets in the eurozone.
Euro & Finance 22-06-2010

Merkel, Sarkozy renew call for tougher regulation ahead of G20

France and Germany renewed their calls yesterday (21 June) for tougher regulation of the global financial sector, ahead of a G20 meeting in Canada later this week.
Euro & Finance 26-05-2010

Germany may extend ban on short selling

Germany may widen a ban on speculative trades in financial stocks to cover all shares, a draft finance ministry document showed yesterday (25 May).
Euro & Finance 20-04-2010

Goldman fraud charge invigorates EU derivatives crackdown

Lawmakers in Brussels see more cause to pass laws to curb derivatives trading, as the only bank to yield profits during the financial crisis is charged with knowingly reselling shoddy mortgages to benefit a hedge fund counting on their demise.
Euro & Finance 02-03-2010

France, Germany seek to curb national debt trading

The EU, "driven by France and to a lesser extent Germany," will try to restrict the trading of sovereign debt to those who own the underlying bonds, according to diplomats, who say the move is aimed at preventing a repeat of the Greek crisis elsewhere.