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  • What Merkel’s victory means for Europe

    Opinion | Elections 23-09-2013

    With Sunday's victory Angela Merkel now has the chance for a fresh start on Europe. Whatever coalition emerges following the election, the chancellor shouldn’t squander her victory, writes Judy Dempsey.

  • Merkel’s CDU sister party wins in Bavaria

    News | Elections 16-09-2013

    Angela Merkel's allies swept to victory in a state election in Bavaria on Sunday, regaining the absolute assembly majority they lost in 2008 and providing a show of conservative strength for the chancellor a week before Germany goes to the polls.

  • Germany must rethink its strategy as it cannot remain healthy amid a sick Europe

    Opinion | Elections 09-09-2013

    It would be naive to believe that Germany's economy can stay healthy while much of the rest of the continent is "sick". So, as Peer Steinbrück and the SPD demanded repeatedly, it is in Germany's interest to finally rethink its strategy and boost growth writes Jo Leinen MEP.

  • Green is the new black

    Opinion | Elections 05-09-2013

    German chancellor Angela Merkel’s best bet for a stable third term could very well be a coalition with the Green Party, writes Kevin Lees.

  • German elections 2013: Don’t mention Europe

    Policy Brief | Elections 06-08-2013

    The European Union’s economic and financial challenges left the bloc in no doubt that its most populous member state is also its most politically powerful. On 22 September 2013, Germans will decide in a federal election whether that power remains within its current ruling conservative coalition led by incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), or whether to entrust it to the Social Democrats or a new coalition. In the run up to the elections, Europe has largely remained off the agenda.

  • SPD picks Steinbrück to run against Merkel

    News | Elections 10-12-2012

    Germany's opposition Social Democrats (SPD) formally nominated former Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück yesterday (9 December) as their candidate to run for chancellor against Angela Merkel in next September's election.

  • Outspoken German politician hits back in Swiss tax dispute

    News | Elections 02-10-2012

    Peer Steinbrück, the former Germany finance minister who is to run as the Social-Democrat (SPD) challenger to Chancellor Angela Merkel next year, has demonstrated his tendency for plain speaking by calling Swiss bankers 'Indians' in a move that seems to set the tone for his electoral campaign.

  • Merkel suffers anti-austerity blow in German state election

    News | Elections 14-05-2012

    Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives suffered a crushing defeat yesterday (13 May) in an election in Germany's most populous state, a result which could embolden the left opposition to step up attacks on her European austerity policies.

  • Merkel’s CDU braced for Sunday election rout

    News | Elections 11-05-2012

    In Berlin, he is known as Angela Merkel's smartest minister. But Norbert Röttgen has led a lacklustre campaign ahead of key elections this Sunday (13 May) in North Rhine-Westphalia, where opinion polls predict a historical defeat for the Christian Democrats in Germany's most populous state.

  • Germany opts for centre-right government

    News | Elections 28-09-2009

    An historic blow was dealt to Germany's socialists yesterday as the nation chose the liberals to form a coalition government with the incumbent Christian Democrats (CDU), whose leader Angela Merkel clinched a second term as chancellor. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • Liberals win regional German elections

    News 15-05-2000

    The liberal FDP is the big winner of the regional elections in Germany's largest regional state Nordrhein-Westfalen

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