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Economy & Jobs 08-10-2019

Malmstrom: ‘We cannot do much to protect individual countries on the Airbus case’

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström is no longer optimistic when it comes to avoiding US tariffs on goods, thanks to the result of the WTO Airbus case.
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TTIP: what’s really in it for businesses?
Economy & Jobs 27-05-2016

TTIP: what’s really in it for businesses?

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is one of the biggest political decisions of this European political term. A free trade agreement between the world’s two largest economies has the potential to provide clear positive effects to the world economy.
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Agrifood 04-02-2015

NGOs protest EU-US trade deal with a Trojan horse

This 8 meter high inflatable Trojan horse represents TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), the free trade deal that Europe and the US are currently negotiating in Brussels. The people in suits are ‘big business lobbyists.’
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Economy & Jobs 30-09-2014

Malmström promises more transparency over TTIP negotiations

Commissioner-designate for Trade Cecilia Malmström defended her candidacy on Monday, as MEPs from the international trade committee tested her expertise.
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Commission launches ‘Frontex+’ to help Italy deal with immigration

EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström announced on Wednesday that the European Commission is set to intensify its assistance to Italy to help it deal with its immigration problems.
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Economy & Jobs 11-07-2014

More immigration means less unemployment, EU says

The European Commission said on Friday that the lack of immigration in Europe can translate into “an unprecedented reduction in Europe’s demographic weight in the world, the unsustainabilty of its welfare systems, the ageing of its skills.”
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Europe's East 07-07-2014

Asylum seekers up by 30% in 2013, EU says

2013 saw around 435.000 people seeking for international protection in the European Union, a 30% increase compared to 2012, according to a report published by Europe's Asylum Office on Monday.
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Economy & Jobs 01-04-2014

Commission proposes more flexible EU visa rules for travellers

The European Commission presented on Tuesday plans to shorten and simplify visa-procedures for non-EU nationals wishing to travel to the EU for short stays.
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Future EU 11-03-2014

Commission proposes tool to fight ‘systemic threats’ to EU rule of law

The European Commission adopted on Tuesday a new framework to address systemic threats to the rule of law in any of the EU's 28 Member States. The new framework establishes an early warning tool allowing the Commission to enter into a dialogue with the Member State concerned to prevent the escalation of systemic threats to the rule of law.
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Technology 10-02-2014

Commission warns of increasing cyberattacks

The European Commission warned on Monday of the rise of cybercrime, as cybercriminals are finding new ways to launch their attacks with the use of new technologies.
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Commission: Corruption costs EU €120 billion yearly

The European Commission has called on member states to step up their fight against corruption. Calling the extent of the problem 'breathtaking', the EU executive said that corruption costs Europe around €120 billion each year, the equivalent of the bloc's yearly budget. The Commission's warning came on Monday as EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström presented the first EU Anti-Corruption Report. It suggests that measures to tackle illegal practices across the EU are 'far from enough'.
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Commission urges EU countries to fight rise of extremism

The European Commission called on member states to bump up their efforts to prevent radicalisation and extremism. In the coming years, a €20 million programme will seek to tackle extremism, especially with those young people who leave EU countries to fight in Syria or other conflict zones.
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Commission threatens Italy with legal action over mistreatment of migrants in Lampedusa

These images secretly filmed show migrants at a reception centre in the Italian island of Lampedusa. They are being sprayed for scabies after being forced to strip-naked in front of others. The release of the footage, shot by a Syrian refugee, has caused outrage across Europe. In Brussels, the Commission threatened the Italian government with legal action on Wednesday if poor conditions at reception centers don't improve.
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Enlargement 16-12-2013

EU and Turkey sign immigration deal

Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström signed today (16 December) in Ankara a landmark agreement opening the way for lifting visa requirements for Turks travelling to the EU within three years. Malmström also signed with the Turkish Minister of Interior Muammer Güler a EU-Turkey readmission agreement.
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Global Europe 19-11-2013

EU warns refugee push-backs are illegal

The European Commission indirectly warned Greece and Bulgaria today (19 November) to stop turning down Syrian refugees at their borders with Turkey, after the UN issued a similar call just a few days before.
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EU slams member states for flouting human trafficking laws

Thousands of people are falling victim to human traffickers every year in the European Union but most member states have failed to implement tougher new laws agreed to address the problem, the European Commission said on Monday (15 April).
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Technology 08-02-2013

Storm cloud emerges from EU cybersecurity strategy

While viewed as a “step in the right direction”, the EU’s new cybersecurity strategy is criticised by experts for its lack of clarity on ensuring the safety of cloud computing. The European Commission released its cybersecurity strategy yesterday (7 January) to address concerns and promote greater internet safety. But the obligation put on EU member countries to report cyberattacks are “vague” and appear to do little to protect EU citizens' data stored outside the EU, said lawyer Wim Nauwelaerts.
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Economy & Jobs 29-01-2013

Political extremism on the rise ahead of 2014 elections, EC says

Only days after former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi praised the actions of ex-dictator Benito Mussolini, the European Union has warned that violent extremism in on the rise across Europe and it's becoming a serious security threat. 'Not since World War II have extremist and populist forces had so much influence on national parliaments as they have today', said EU commissioner for Home Affairs cecilia Malmstrom.
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Cybersecurity 09-01-2013

EU launches center to fight cybercrime

This is the EC3: Europe's latest attempt to fight cybercrime. The new European Cybercrime Center will officially launch on Friday in the Dutch city of The Hague. It will focus on stopping internet fraud and online sexual exploitation. 'EC3 will focus on cybercrime committed by organized crime groups particularly those generating large criminal profits such as online frauds and cybercrimes which cause a serious harm to the victims such as child sexual exploitation', EU Home Affairs commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said.
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Cybersecurity 28-03-2012

EU to launch cyber crime agency

A European agency to fight against rising levels of online crime. That is the topic of a proposal tabled by the European Commission on Wednesday. Europe's cyber crime center will specifically target severe organized e-crimes such as frauds involving credit cards or online child sexual exploitation. Fighting against identity theft and protecting social network profiles will also be priority. This top-level European policy authority already has a special unit dedicated to cybercrime and to monitoring possible online terrorist activities.
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EU wants tougher rules on confiscating criminal profits

The European Commission on Monday proposed a new set of rules to make it easier to strip criminals from profits they make on their crimes. At the moment, only 1% of illegal assets are frozen and confiscated. Most of the money is laundered and reinvested into the legal economy. Europe's Home Affairs Commissioner wants a simplified legal framework which will harmonise existing rules and close loopholes. Malmstrom said that "in times of crisis", this is a very important measure.