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Climate change 07-09-2016

Once the driving force of climate action, the EU has fallen behind

The inability of the EU's member states to agree on an effort-sharing deal could delay the ratification of the Paris Agreement until late 2017. This would see the climate deal enter into force without the world's biggest economic bloc. EURACTIV France reports.
Climate change 11-12-2015

The Lima-Paris Action Agenda: A questionable melting pot

The Lima-Paris Action Agenda is packed with initiatives which could stimulate hundreds of billions of dollars of investment, but it also gives a platform to some actors with questionable intentions. EURACTIV France reports
Development Policy 22-10-2015

Least developed countries set the standard for climate action ahead of COP21

The least developed countries have all submitted their national contributions for the COP21. Many of these texts are highly ambitious, but depend on uncertain finances. EURACTIV France reports

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