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Agrifood 06-11-2019

NYT reporting shines a spotlight on CAP delivery model

An investigative report published in the Sunday edition of the New York Times (3 November) highlighted once again the distorting effects of farm aid provided under the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which are however intrinsic to its delivery model.

Ministers highlight European divide over carbon price floor

While France is pushing for the implementation of a carbon price floor at EU level and is looking for allies in the bloc, Poland sees energy storage technologies as key to a successful European climate policy.
Economy & Jobs 29-08-2017

Lead MEP: Macron’s campaign on posted workers could deepen east-west divide

The centre-right French MEP in charge of guiding the controversial posting of workers directive through the European Parliament has lashed out at Emmanuel Macron after he promised to strike a compromise on the legislation by the end of this year.
Energy 04-04-2017

Poland to lead battle against Commission-Gazprom entente

Poland is spearheading criticism of the Commission's proposed “entente” that would end a five-year antitrust case against Gazprom for abusing its dominant position in eight countries in Central and Eastern Europe.
Future EU 24-02-2017

Juncker: This Commission no longer regulates the flushing of toilets

Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Thursday (23 February) that he “fought like a lion” against “ill-inspired Commissioners” who thought the EU should regulate the flushing of toilets. He also indicated that he will push for a multi-speed Europe in proposals to be unveiled next month.
Brexit 22-02-2017

Brexit minister: London won’t bribe Eastern Europe to get a better deal

Britain's "Brexit" minister responsible for managing its departure from the European Union on Tuesday denied reports his government was planning to pay eastern EU states to support it during negotiations with Brussels.
Elections 12-07-2016

Europeans fear that refugee influx raises terror threat

A majority of Europeans fear the recent refugee influx will heighten the risk of terrorist attacks and cost their countries jobs and social benefits, and create further problems with the integration of Muslims, said a survey released yesterday (11 July) by the Pew Research Center.
Climate change 02-10-2014

West-to-east cash transfer shapes Europe’s climate goal tussle

Western European nations are preparing to divert tens of billions of euros in revenue to help cut greenhouse gas emissions in Eastern Europe, in order to ensure the bloc sets the world's toughest targets for tackling climate change.
Munich 2011 [digital cat/Flickr]

Germany’s 2004 EU enlargement fears were unfounded, survey finds

German firms feared higher competition from companies in new member states after the 2004 Eastern enlargement of the European Union. But ten years later, hardly any of these fears have materialised, a new survey reveals. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Development Policy 16-05-2013

Czechs unaware their country joined prestigious donors club

The Czech Republic has become the first country among the new EU member states to join the world's leading development donors. But Czech media and the public in general paid little attention to the accession to this prestigious club, EURACTIV Czech Republic reports.
Agrifood 27-11-2012

Auditors flag farm subsidy fraud in new EU members

The European Court of Auditors has identified many cases of fraudulent agricultural payments for unutilised land among the new EU members of Central and Eastern Europe, and made recommendations to address the problem in an unprecedented report, published today (27 November).
Central Europe 11-09-2012

Countries set to lose MEPs as their population shrinks

Several EU countries are expected to suffer drastic cuts in their number of MEPs, while a few of them, including France, UK, Italy and Spain, will benefit from a boost, according to a new proposal seen by EURACTIV.

Czech PM condemns Swiss ‘safeguard’ on Eastern EU workers

Avoiding terms like "discrimination", Czech Prime Minister Petr Ne?as yesterday (19 April) told EURACTIV.cz that he regretted the decision by Switzerland to re-introduce an authorisation requirement for workers from the eight East European countries that joined the EU in 2004. The EURACTIV network in Central Europe contributed to this article.
Central Europe 27-01-2012

Eyes turn to France at EU summit

  Only one country is opposed to give observer status to Eastern European non-eurozone countries in the new intergovernmental 'fiscal compact' treaty, diplomats told EURACTIV. EU leaders meet on Monday (30 January) to agree on the treaty on tighter fiscal rules to preserve the eurozone from new crises.
Central Europe 17-01-2012

EBRD warns of capital outflow from Eastern Europe

There is growing consensus among financial regulators and institutions about the need to for a new Vienna Initiative to curb the outflow of capital from emerging Europe, a senior banking official said today (17 January).