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Euro & Finance 22-02-2010

EU on cusp of new short-selling rules

As the euro tumbles and speculators bet on the demise of government borrowing, and particularly Greek bonds, EU lawmakers believe Brussels now has more ammunition to crack down on markets. Tomorrow (23 February), EU regulators will announce new rules on short-selling, say sources close to the authorities.
Euro & Finance 20-03-2007

EU moves to improve market for investment funds

The Commission adopted a raft of measures on 19 March 2007, to enhance the EU single market for retail investment funds, the most common types of investment products, in order to make them more consumer-friendly and allow increased cross-border activity.

MEPs obtain democratic control over financial securities legislation

The European Parliament endorsed the Commission's proposals on the single market in financial services on Tuesday 5 February. By adopting the own-initiative report by rapporteur Karl von Wogau (EPP/ED Germany), MEPs secured the right of the Parliament to be informed and consulted on the implementation of legislation on financial securities.

Commission sets up two powerful securities committees

European Commission sets up two committees dealing with more effective and speedier regulation of Europe's securities markets