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Gulf states resist EU-led cuts to ozone-depleting refrigerant

The EU has released its first quotas for HFCs as part of a plan to phase out the refrigeration gasses. There is broad global consensus on the subject, but oil-producing countries in the Gulf region are holding up an international agreement. EURACTIV France reports
Climate change 25-03-2011

Developing ozone hole approaches Europe

An exceptionally large area of depleted ozone has formed over the North Pole, and scientists warn that it could settle over Scandinavia and Eastern Europe on 30-31 March.
Climate change 05-02-2002

EU-UK dispute over removing CFCs from fridges

A conflict between the UK and the Commission has emerged over the recovering of CFCs from old fridges. The UK claims that the Commission's measures are unclear and imprecise. In return, the Commission says the UK is dragging its feet to set the regulation in place.