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Transport 04-03-2016

Refugee crisis puts truckers’ lives at risk, says road transport lobby

An international road transport organisation has warned that it is 'only a matter of time' until refugees in Calais seriously injure or kill truck drivers.

Channel Tunnel operator criticises UK asylum decision

The company, which operates the Channel Tunnel, said on Tuesday (5 January) that Britain's decision to grant asylum to a Sudanese man who walked the passage between France and England was "unfortunate".

France and Britain to defuse Calais migrant crisis

France and Britain are to sign a deal today (20 August) aimed at preventing undocumented migrants entering the Channel Tunnel, while stepping up joint police operations against the people-smugglers who profit from their desperation to reach Britain.
Development Policy 05-08-2015

EU offers to help France, UK face Calais migrant crisis

Brussels said on Tuesday (4 August) it was ready to help France and Britain deal with the migrant crisis at the Channel Tunnel, as police on both sides braced for new attempts at the crossing.
Brexit 05-03-2015

UK sells Eurostar stake

The British government has agreed to sell its 40% stake in Eurostar for a total of £757 million.
Transport 20-06-2013

Commission presses Eurotunnel to lower tunnel charges

The European Commission has given France and Britain two months to respond to a request to lower charges for passenger and freight trains to use the Channel Tunnel, or face possible court action.