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Brexit 21-10-2016

Brexit can be the rallying call for a Europe at its lowest ebb

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the EU has caused its continental partners to close ranks; the unexpected result of the Brexit vote is a rallying point that Europe can use to offset their other differences, writes José Manuel Sanz.

Brexit 29-06-2016

France seeks to capitalise on Brexit to gain influence in Brussels

The idea of dropping English as an official language of the EU is tempting many in Brussels. French politicians sense an opportunity to gain some much-needed credibility. EURACTIV France reports.
Global Europe 30-10-2015

Baluchistan: A reality we cannot ignore

Europe shouldn't remain silent about the atrocities taking place in Pakistan's Baluchistan province, writes MEP Charles Tannock.
Global Europe 19-06-2012

Europe’s risky tolerance of tension in the Caucasus

Military tensions have grown in recent weeks between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Charles Tannock argues that the EU should take steps to diffuse the situation.
Enlargement 19-05-2010

EP rapporteur: Montenegro should start accession talks in 2011

Montenegro has submitted answers to a European Commission questionnaire on its readiness to join the EU and could realistically expect to start accession negotiations next year, Conservative MEP Charles Tannock (UK, ECR) told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.