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Global Europe 19-03-2021

Chechen police complain to Putin over ‘vile’ newspaper

A special forces unit in Chechnya has called on President Vladimir Putin for protection against "vile attacks" from independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta whose reporters have documented rights abuses in the republic.
Global Europe 11-08-2020

Slovakia expels three Russian diplomats, link to Berlin murder reported

Slovakia said on Monday (10 August) it has expelled three staff at the Russian embassy in Bratislava whilst citing an abuse of Slovak visas, which local media said was linked with a murder of a Georgian man in Berlin last year.
Global Europe 17-05-2017

Parliament urges action on persecution of homosexuals in Chechnya

The European Parliament has called on the EU’s diplomatic services to speak out against the detention and torture of homosexuals in Chechnya. EURACTIV France reports.
Global Europe 25-01-2011

Moscow blast exposes anti-terrorism shortfall

A bomb attack on Russia's busiest airport yesterday (24 January) dealt a blow to the country's ruling 'tandem' of President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, clouding efforts to lure foreign investment and ensure security in an election year.
Med & South 29-04-2008

Interview: EU ‘credibility gap’ on human rights in Russia

While negotiating a new Partnership Agreement with Russia, the EU should not neglect the fact that the country's human rights conditions seriously worsened during outgoing Russian President Vladimir Putin's era, Tanya Lokshina of Human Rights Watch told EURACTIV in an interview.
Med & South 29-05-2000

EU-Russia summit in Moscow

A high level delegation of the EU will be meeting with Russian leaders today in a special EU-Russia Summit in Moscow
Med & South 12-05-2000

Russia not suspended by Council of Europe

The Council of Europe has decided not to suspend Russia's membership of the organisation