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Departing ECHA boss: ‘I don’t see myself joining a big lobby group’

Geert Dancet, the executive director of the Helsinki-based European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), will retire at the end of the year. In a wide-ranging interview with EURACTIV, he comes back over the EU’s sometimes excruciating efforts to bring the powerful European chemical industry into line.

PVC boss: ‘We will not change our reputation in one day’

IKEA’s decision in the 1990s to ban PVC from its furniture and textile products had a devastating impact on the industry’s reputation. But 15 years after phasing out the most toxic chemicals, the PVC sector believes it is now ready to gain acceptance as a sustainable material, says Brigitte Dero.
Génon K. Jensen

Health NGO: ‘Endocrine disruptors are one of the biggest public health threats of this century’

?Although hormone-disrupting chemicals are recognised as a global public health threat by the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Commission's public consultation on the matter, which closes today (16 January), is only meant to delay action and regulation, argues Génon K. Jensen.

Pesticides industry rep: Tighter rules on chemicals could lead to crop losses

Health campaigners and NGOs have called on the EU to ban all endocrine-disrupting chemicals used in the production of some pesticides and everyday consumer products. But further bans will make it increasingly difficult for farmers to protect their crops from diseases without necessarily improving human health or the environment, argues Craig Winneker.
Health 28-03-2013

Swedish minister: REACH must be improved

The EU's REACH law should be strengthened to ban more endocrine-disrupting chemicals, says Sweden's Environment Minister Lena Ek.
Climate change 04-03-2013

EEA chief: ‘Scientific uncertainty is not a justification for inaction’

Use of the Precautionary Principle in EU decision-making has been criticised by some business groups but it must remain a central plank in responsible policy process, argues Jacqueline McGlade, the executive director of the European Environment Agency.
Trade & Society 16-11-2012

Waste expert: Recycled products ‘faced with the REACH regulation’

Although the REACH law on chemicals does not cover waste as such, it does affect recycled products which rely on secondary raw materials extracted from waste. At the end of the day, recycling companies might find it difficult to comply, holding back the EU's drive to consume less raw materials, says Wobbe van der Meulen.

US scientist: ‘Many routes of exposure’ to endocrine disruptors

Shanna H. Swan, a renowned scientist specialising in reproductive medicine, has warned about the health effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) known as phthalates which can end up in food via pesticides or plastics. In an interview with EURACTIV, she calls on regulators to better protect consumers against those "hidden chemicals".
Agrifood 30-03-2012

Pesticides chief: ‘We were not really listening to societal concerns’

After years of trying to persuade consumers that their products present no health or environmental risk, the pesticides industry has now recognised its failure to address wider society concerns. Friedhelm Schmider of industry group ECPA promises "a huge change of mindset" in engaging with consumers and farmers.
Global Europe 28-09-2011

McCormick: The EU is not dead

Though the European project is currently facing a critical crisis with some even announcing its death, the European Union has overcome similar situations in the past and its influence in areas like environmental policy and democracy-promotion in Eastern Europe continues to be underestimated, said John McCormick in an interview with EURACTIV.
Climate change 05-05-2009

Chemicals agency: Companies submitting ‘vague’ REACH dossiers

Companies are submitting technically incomplete REACH registration dossiers and are trying to register several substances per file, while failing to be precise enough on the exact composition of their substances, the executive director of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), Geert Dancet, told EURACTIV in an interview.

Chemicals industry: Innovation ‘drives sustainability’

Innovation is a catalyst for sustainability in Europe's chemicals sector, Dr Gernot Klotz, executive director of research and innovation at industry body Cefic, told EURACTIV in a wide-ranging interview.
Public Affairs 14-11-2006

Greens and industry stand firm on REACH

With only weeks remaining before a crucial Parliament vote on the EU’s chemicals reform, EURACTIV asked lobbyists at WWF and industry group CEFIC to take stock and identify the remaining issues.
Health 05-10-2006

Interview: Time to talk chemicals

"That there are chemicals. That's the issue to communicate," argues Bo Oscar Jansson, professor at the Institute of Applied Environmental Research at Stockholm University, in an interview with EURACTIV.
Climate change 03-10-2006

Interview – Parliament ready for REACH compromise

MEP Guido Sacconi believes that a compromise is just around the corner for the controversial EU chemicals law. 
Climate change 14-09-2005

Interview with MEP Lena Ek on REACH

Neither environmental NGOs nor industry lobbyists will ultimately win the battle over REACH as the chemical legislation makes its way through Parliament, predicts Lena Ek MEP in an interview with EURACTIV.
Climate change 13-09-2005

Interview – Guido Sacconi MEP on REACH

In an interview with EURACTIV, the Parliament’s lead Rapporteur on the REACH proposal, Guido Sacconi, said he is considering restricted opt-out solutions for companies when vital business interests are at stake.

Interview with Günter Verheugen, vice-president and commissioner for enterprise and industry

EURACTIV interviewed Commissioner Günter Verheugen on the relaunched Lisbon strategy for growth and jobs, REACH and industrial policy.

Eggert Voscherau, President European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC)

"European enlargement will increase our science skill pool and therefore our ability to innovate," says President of CEFIC, Eggert Voscherau.