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  • Bio-based chemical industry victim of EU biofuel reform

    Opinion | Transport 16-04-2015

    The new biofuels law risks protecting fuel companies that require state support at the EU taxpayer’s expense, write the CEOs of Arizona Chemical, Respol Resinas, and Forchem.

  • Endocrine disruption: the view of the chemical industry

     Video | Promoted content | Science & Policymaking 16-03-2015

    Endocrine disruption is an important issue of significant public, political and scientific interest. Even though it can give rise to a very emotional debate, policymakers and authorities should deal with endocrine disruptive substances, as with all chemical substances, via a science- and risk-based regulation. Whether a chemical substance can and will cause harm is a fundamental distinction for both authorities and industry in order to effectively protect people and the environment.

  • Chemical industry guarded about its European future

    Special Report | News | Innovation & Industry 28-11-2014

    The European chemical sector has issued a “very serious” warning about its slumping competitiveness, but refuses to be alarmist just yet, saying shareholders should not worry, that big industrial groups are now global, and less exposed to Europe.

  • Solvay CEO: ‘We badly need a European energy policy’

    Special Report | Interview | Innovation & Industry 28-11-2014

    Lack of access to affordable energy is the key driver behind the slow erosion of competitiveness in the European chemical sector, warns Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, who urges policymakers to reach agreement on a genuine European energy policy.

  • REACh: Innovation and integrated EU goals

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 10-10-2014

    Technical innovation plays a significant role in the achievement of the integrated goals of the European Union such as Energy Roadmap 2050 or Resource- efficiency. One main objective of the European Chemicals Legislation’s REACh is to enhance innovation. This should be triggered by the introduction of the candidate list and authorisation route, stimulating the development of safer alternatives to various chemicals.

  • Chemicals Safety in the Value Chain

     Video | Promoted content | Science & Policymaking 02-09-2014

    Why do we use chemicals at all? Because they are extremely useful! To put this into perspective, the products of the chemical industry are present in about 95% of manufactured goods. And modern economies simply couldn't function without them.