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Economy & Jobs 09-04-2019

RAPEX, the safety guarantee for European products

The rapid alert system removed more than 2,000 dangerous products from the European market in 2018. However, much remains to be done about security, notably with regards to China. EURACTIV France reports.
Cybersecurity 21-12-2018

The nightmare before Christmas: Cybersecurity risks for children’s toys

The lack of a legal framework to protect children's toys against cybersecurity risks could prove to have damaging consequences, a leading European consumer rights group has warned ahead of the Christmas festivities, advising parents that some of those toys should not even be kept at home.
Development Policy 28-08-2015

Illiteracy will cost global economy $1.2tn in 2015

Illiteracy is “a worldwide crisis” that will cost the global economy $1.2tn (£760bn) this year, the World Literacy Foundation (WLF) has warned. More than 796 million people are either completely illiterate, meaning they can’t read or write, or functionally illiterate, meaning they can’t perform basic tasks such as reading a medicine label, the WLF said in a report released on Monday (pdf).
The Christian Social Union "may have been mistaken" about the extra social burden caused by poverty migration, says MEP Birgit Sippel. [blu-news.org/Flickr]

German government introduces new measures tackling ‘poverty migration’

The German government tabled a final report on Wednesday (27 August) addressing "legal issues and challenges” related to social benefits claims by EU immigrants, with Bavarian conservatives welcoming the “correct approach” and Social Democrats shaking their heads at the new measure. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Health 31-01-2014

EU merges milk and fruit school scheme to combat child obesity

To promote healthier lifestyles and combat obesity among school children, the European Commission has proposed to bring two separate EU schemes on milk and fruit together under a joint framework.
Health 10-12-2013

Doctors say thousands of Greek children unvaccinated

Greece is very close to 'tearing down the vaccination barrier', according to the humanitarian group Doctors of the World.
Health 12-06-2013

Parliament wants stricter rules on food for vulnerable groups

The European Parliament yesterday (11 June) adopted new rules on the labelling and content of baby milks and foods for special medical purposes. These will in the future be better defined in order to protect consumers.
Digital 05-02-2013

More internet regulation won’t make children safer online: EU official

Child safety online is listed as one of the main priorities in the Digital Agenda for Europe, but censorship on the internet isn't the way forward, a top European Commission official said.

Should teachers bring ICT into the classroom?

Education experts and lawmakers gathered this week in Brussels at the invitation of US software giant Microsoft to debate the role that information and communication technologies (ICT) should play in education.

Consumer groups seek tougher EU rules on chemicals in toys

Consumer advocates say European policymakers are 'playing' with children's health despite the enactment last year of the Toy Safety Directive, and call for strengthening the chemical requirements for toys.
Digital 21-11-2012

Parliament calls for better online protection of children

EU countries should step up their efforts to protect children online through laws and cooperation, a majority of the European Parliament said in a resolution voted on Tuesday (November 20) in Strasbourg. But the Parliament resolution won't help anyone, says the Pirate Party.
Health 01-06-2012

Parliament steps up pressure on food, beverage ads

The European Parliament has renewed calls to curb food and beverage advertising aimed at children and young people, with some MEPs even calling for a total ban on beer commercials aimed at youth. But it's not necessary, says the industry, "We can regulate ourselves".
Health 25-05-2012

MEPs want stronger consumer rules for seniors, children

Europe’s consumer laws fail to protect the most vulnerable people, say member of the European Parliament who called for tougher measures to prevent senior citizens, children and the disabled from being victims of rip-offs or aggressive marketing.
Agrifood 06-12-2011

EU urged to combat child obesity ‘tobacco-style’

With European children getting heavier and less active, health experts say policymakers should draw a lesson from anti-tobacco campaigns and consider heavier taxation schemes to combat teenage fat.
Digital 02-12-2011

EU, tech firms join forces to protect children on the Internet

The European Commission joined forces with major technology firms including Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft yesterday (1 December) to improve the protection of children online.

Brussels calls for ‘universal’ child care

The European Commission is encouraging member states to invest more resources in making pre-school education available to all children from an early age.

Brussels adopts agenda to improve children’s rights

The European Commission launched yesterday (15 February) a list of actions to improve children's well-being and make Europe's justice system more child-friendly, but NGOs complain the agenda lacks an overarching vision. 

Parliament backs 20-week maternity leave

Members of the European Parliament have taken a strong stand in favour of giving women workers the right to take 20 weeks of maternity leave on full pay. The European Commission now has to find a compromise that will also be acceptable to the member states.
Digital 07-05-2008

Call for joint effort to combat online child pornography

The fight against child abuse over the Internet is often hampered by data protection rules, but a joint effort between privacy authorities, financial institutions and Internet services providers can ensure significant results in line with national laws, according to a new report.

Commission wants to criminalise child ‘grooming’ on the Internet

To mark 'Universal Children's Day', the Commission has urged member states to do more to protect children from sexual exploitation and said it was considering criminalising the solicitation of children for abuse through the Internet.
Trade & Society 06-09-2007

EU to review toy safety checks after third Mattel recall

The European Commission has begun a two-month review of safety controls after US toy giant Mattel said that Chinese-made accessories for its emblematic 'Barbie' dolls had to be recalled "due to impermissible levels of lead".
Climate change 03-08-2007

WHO relaunches controversy over children’s exposure to chemicals

In its most comprehensive study yet on the topic, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has stressed the need for more research on children's exposure to chemicals, arguing that it may be the origin of cancer, heart disease and chronic respiratory disease later in life. The report comes only months after the EU adopted sweeping new legislation on chemicals control, called REACH.
Health 15-02-2007

Wealth can’t always buy child well-being, UNICEF study finds

A study of wealthy countries ranks the Netherlands and the Nordic countries on top, whereas the UK and the US get the worst average ranking in terms of childrens' well-being.
Security 07-02-2007

Tougher EU stance sought on child abduction

The European Commission and German EU Presidency have been urged to tackle the growing problem of cross-border abduction of children by parents from different member states.

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