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Economy & Jobs 11-09-2020

Chinese companies’ concerns need to be heard and addressed

This is an extraordinary year, clearly, because of COVID-19: the pandemic is wreaking havoc on economies and our businesses are struggling to weather the fallout. Zhou Lihong is the Chairwoman of the China Chamber of Commerce to the EU. Our...
Future EU 01-02-2019

Reimagining the social fabric

Popular protests and political upheaval across Europe and the US suggest that the fabric of society is eroding and must be rebuilt, argues Antoine Ripoll.
Trade & Society 02-02-2016

China critics fail to translate the good in its economic development

Looking ahead, China and the EU, who share the timely goal of transforming their growth models, should find ways to manage their differences in a constructive way and adopt new initiatives, writes Yang Yanyi.

‘3.5 million lost jobs’ is red herring in China’s market economy status bid

During the last couple of weeks, the discussion about whether or not to grant China market mconomy status (MES) has intensified. Political, legal and technical arguments, are coming in from left to right, writes Christofer Fjellner.
Digital 04-12-2014

Look at China to boost chronic-low investment rates and restore confidence

The center of gravity of the internet economy is gradually shifting eastward. The Juncker Commission should seize the opportunity to explore EU-China synergies for growth and innovation.
Chinese President Xi Jinping. [European Commission]
Global Europe 26-03-2014

The EU must challenge Chinese president Xi Jinping on human rights and Tibet

Trade ties with China are vital for European member states, but it would be a historic miscalculation if EU leaders continue to avoid engaging Beijing on human rights, six national politicians argue in a joint opinion.
Global Europe 26-03-2014

Xi’s European tour and China-EU relations

Ahead of the first ever visit to the EU headquarters by a Chinese head of state, Dr. Frauke Austermann and doctoral researcher Anastas Vangeli look at the challenges and prospects of Sino-European relations in the light of the most pressing issues at hand, including the differences of approach of the Ukrainian question.