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China 06-01-2021

Hong Kong arrests 53 for plot to ‘overthrow’ government in latest crackdown on dissent

Hong Kong police arrested 53 people in dawn raids on democracy activists in the biggest crackdown since China last year imposed a new security law which opponents say is aimed at quashing dissent in the former British colony.
China 13-08-2019

Chinese intervention in Hong Kong would be a ‘catastrophe’, Patten says

Hong Kong’s last British governor Chris Patten on Tuesday (13 August) cautioned that if China intervened in Hong Kong it would be a catastrophe and that Chinese President Xi Jinping should see the wisdom of trying to bring people together.
Brexit 21-01-2015

The EU was made in Britain

The United Kingdom is largely responsible for the EU’s predominantly liberal ethos and present geopolitical dimensions, writes Sir Michael Leigh.
Global Europe 30-11-2010

Drifting towards the rapids

Today's lack of leadership could make tomorrow far more dangerous, argues Chris Patten, the last British governor of Hong Kong, a former EU commissioner for external affairs and chancellor of the University of Oxford.
Development Policy 25-08-2010

Taking August seriously

The holiday season should still bring about some serious policy thinking, writes University of Oxford Chancellor Chris Patten, the last British governor of Hong Kong and a former EU commissioner for external affairs.