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Euro & Finance 21-02-2014

Verschueren: The lower the interchange fees, the more merchants will accept card payments

The vote in the economic and monetary committee of the European Parliament on Thursday (20 February) to cap fees charged by payment cards companies is a step in the right direction: If you want to be on the side of merchants, you cannot be anything else than supportive of this regulation, says Christian Verschueren to EURACTIV Czech Republic.
Climate change 08-10-2013

Rushing F-gas reduction will damage business and take away jobs

Regulators should not move too fast on reducing the use of fluorinated gas (or F-gases) refrigerants, as the cost implications for many retailers and wholesalers could significantly damage their businesses, writes Christian Verschueren.
Christian Verscheuren

Small volume electronic waste remains a problem under WEEE

A legal obligation for retail stores to take back all electronic waste free of charge from customers may sound appealing, writes Christian Verschueren from EuroCommerce. But in reality, such a 'one-size-fits-all' approach cannot work, he warns.