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Economy & Jobs 18-10-2021

‘It will never work!’ Outgoing Eurochambres president criticises EU emission targets

In an interview with EURACTIV, the outgoing president of Eurochambres, an association of European chambers of commerce, has criticised the EU’s environmental policy and called for more trade "with all parts of the world", including China and Russia.
Trade & Society 20-12-2013

Business chief: EU elections require clear dialogue with citizens

The upcoming European elections require a change of gear from Europe’s politicians, who need to campaign aggressively, not with posters and advertisements, but face-to-face, with citizen, says Christoph Leitl.
Euro & Finance 30-06-2010

Austrians lead debate on bank taxation

Politicians in Austria are weighing up the benefits of a financial transactions tax (FTT) versus a tax on banking assets. Christoph Leitl, head of the country's federal Economy Chamber, tells EURACTIV why he thinks an FTT is preferable.
Euro & Finance 30-06-2010

Leitl: Taxes should not rely on real economy

Austria has been working behind the scenes to get EU countries to sign up to unpopular taxes on banks. In an interview, Christoph Leitl, head of the country's Federal Economy Chamber, told EURACTIV why Austria should introduce a tax on banks' transactions even if others do not. 
Brexit 30-09-2009

Eurochambres: SMEs need ‘strong commissioner’ for enterprise

Europe's new enterprise commissioner will need a "strong personality" to fight for small business, according to Christophe Leitl, honorary president of Eurochambres, who warned that SMEs should not be left behind when the financial crisis is over.

SME president: ‘Less regulation as important as ‘better’ regulation’

Small and medium-sized enterprises could save billions every year if administrative processes were more straightforward and part of the regulatory burden were lifted from them, says long-standing SME lobbyist Christoph Leitl in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.