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Economy & Jobs 28-11-2018

Cigarette Smuggling Between France And Algeria No Longer Going Unnoticed

France has been the worst hit by illegal tobacco among the countries of the EU, and Algeria is one of its main suppliers. EURACTIV recently discussed the situation with the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF). It stated that France can seek...
Health 05-07-2017

French smokers, at €10 a pack, may finally think twice

The cost of lighting up at a French sidewalk cafe may finally dissuade even the most ardent smoker, if Prime Minister Edouard Phillippe gets his way.
Health 31-05-2017

Campaigners push to hitch tobacco control onto sustainable development agenda

Anti-tobacco campaigners from across Europe today (31 May) called on their national governments to use the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to drive forward tobacco control legislation.
Health 24-07-2015

Health ministers step up campaign for plain tobacco packaging

Following the EU’s failure to introduce neutral tobacco packaging, a group of ten countries has come together to promote the popular measure and counter the influence of Big Tobacco. EURACTIV France reports
Health 09-10-2013

Parliament waters down EU tobacco directive, sparking left-right tensions

Left-wing lawmakers accused centre-right parties in the European Parliament of being in the hands of industry after the assembly voted on Tuesday (8 October) to water down proposed EU rules on tobacco control.
Health 10-09-2013

Report: Industry lobbying postponed EU tobacco vote

Confidential documents, obtained by British newspaper The Guardian, reportedly show that the tobacco industry successfully lobbied in Brussels to get a crucial vote on the EU's new Tobacco Directive postponed.
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Economy & Jobs 27-05-2013

The EU’s Illegal Tobacco Market: The problem, the consequences and effective solutions

In 2011, KPMG estimated that the annual consumption of illegal cigarettes in the EU was 65.3 billion cigarettes. This was the highest ever recorded level and the fifth consecutive yearly increase. KPMG estimated the annual EU-wide tax loss due to cigarette smuggling to be approximately 11.3 billion euros.
Alcohol 12-02-2013

Tobacco smugglers thrive on EU’s eastern border

Prohibitive prices of cigarettes and alcohol encourage smuggling, according to participants at a recent conference in Warsaw on smuggling across the EU's eastern border. EURACTIV Poland reports.
Health 09-01-2013

Draft tobacco directive won’t save lives

If the draft EU Tobacco Products Directive is approved, it will allow the continued sale of pharmaceutical products sold as aids to smoking cessation, which have been shown over and over again to be largely ineffective, says Gilbert Ross.
Health 17-08-2012

Logos on cigarette packages to disappear?

The European Union is considering banning logos on cigarette packs as part of an upcoming review of its law to deter smoking, a spokesman said after Australia's highest court upheld a similar ban.
Health 03-04-2012

Tobacco rule changes will boost crime, industry warns

European Commission plans to clamp down on the tobacco industry, set to be published later this year, will boost criminal activity, according to an industry-funded report out today (3 April).
Health 17-06-2011

Anti-tobacco campaign heralds new regulations

The European Commission is set to widen the scope of cigarette-trading rules to cover potentially harmful electronic cigarettes, flavourings and even marketing strategies, as part of a wider campaign launched yesterday (16 June) to urge Europeans to quit.
Health 03-01-2011

Spaniards reel at strict anti-smoking rules

Bar and restaurant owners in Spain, until now one of Europe's most smoker-friendly countries, fear that a ban on smoking in public places that took effect last weekend will hit them hard and worsen the economic crisis.

Anti-fraud commissioner tackles China on cigarette smuggling

Cigarette smuggling and fake designer goods will top the agenda when Europe's Anti-Fraud Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta meets Chinese officials in Shanghai this week. The commissioner told EURACTIV the EU has an "enormous problem" with illegal goods entering the European market from China.
Health 01-09-2008

Europe lights up to fire-safety rules for cigarettes

A decision by Finland to test the ignition ability of all cigarettes sold in the country could be extended across Europe as of 2011 in an attempt to prevent domestic fires and related deaths.
Health 29-08-2008

EU unsure about regulating polonium in tobacco

Traces of radioactive and other substances – such as radon, polonium and cadmium – recently found in tobacco leave open questions as to whether they should be regulated at EU level.
Agrifood 21-02-2002

EU continues lawsuit against cigarette producers despite dismissal by US court

On Tuesday 19 February, a US district court dismissed the EU's claim that cigarette producers boost their profits by oversupplying Eastern European countries in order to favour smuggling into the EU, causing big tax losses. The European Commission announced it would continue its lawsuit against Phillip Morris, Japan Tobacco and R.J. Reynolds Nabisco, despite the dismissal of its claims.
Health 15-06-2000

Tobacco industry wins court battle

The European tobacco industry won a legal battle before the European Court of Justice over EU legislation to ban cigarette advertising and sponsorship.