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What My Mother Taught Me About Climate Change: An Interview with the Eurima DG

Est. 7min

“As my mother used to say: you can only give it your utmost best,” says Jan te Bos. Sitting in his sunny 7th floor Brussels office, the Director General of the European Insulation Manufacturers Association EURIMA is reflecting on the many challenges in the way of decarbonising the EU, in particular its building stock.

Circular economy 13-05-2022

New EU laws risk promoting ‘downcycling’ of plastic bottles, industry warns

Est. 5min

European Commission plans to include mandatory recycled content targets for all plastics in a makeover of packaging laws expected this summer risk derailing attempts by plastic bottle manufacturers to reach closed loop recycling, the industry has warned.

Commission likely to push for recycled PET in food packaging despite concerns

Est. 7min

The European Commission will soon decide whether to allow the use of recycled plastics in food packaging despite some suggesting this could endanger consumer health.

Circular materials 17-03-2022

EU recycling chief: product policy should embrace circular economy

Est. 10min

With the European Commission due to present its Sustainable Products Action Plan on 30 March, Emmanuel Katrakis takes stock of the EU's push for a more circular economy in an interview with EURACTIV France.

Scientist: EU focus on recycled plastics raises food safety concerns

Est. 4min

The European Commission is working on a revision of the regulation on recycled plastics for food packaging, which according to Jane Muncke, raises concerns about food safety.

Circular economy 27-01-2022

Simpler design seen as key to recycling-friendly food wrappers

Est. 8min

Simple design and using at least 90% of the same plastic is the key to easy-to-recycle packaging for foods like crisps and chocolate, according to the industry.

Circular economy 24-01-2022

‘Flexible packaging’ – a test case for the EU’s recycling push

Est. 8min

Lightweight soft packaging such as crisp packets or wrapping for chocolate bars are giving headaches to European recyclers who currently have little incentive to buy the collected material. The European Commission will seek to address this in July with its planned revision of the EU’s packaging and packaging waste directive.

Agrifood 08-11-2021

Brewers turn to blockchain for beer sustainability

Est. 5min

To make the production of beer more sustainable, European brewing companies have started making use of blockchain technology. However, NGOs warn that single-use packaging still contributes to a large carbon footprint for many beverages.

Agrifood 13-10-2021

Fashion brands at the test of setting sustainable standards

Est. 5min

Consumers' craving for ever-increasing sustainable products is leaving its mark on the textile industry, creating a shift toward a 'greener' manufacturing process that requires new ways to assess its impact on the environment.

Circular economy 13-10-2021

Eleven European countries call for ambitious measures to tackle waste in textiles

Est. 3min

Eleven European countries have called on the European Commission to put forward ambitious measures to crack down on waste in the textiles industry in its textiles strategy, expected to be proposed in the coming months.

EU aims to tackle waste packaging with new legislation

Est. 5min

Europe aims to cut down on waste as quickly as possible in order to halt the overconsumption that is damaging the planet and adding to climate change. But despite previous attempts, waste packaging is still on the rise in Europe.

Circular materials 31-08-2021

Europe should aim to leave metals in the ground – and in the deep sea

Est. 5min

While certain metals, like lithium and cobalt, are essential for decarbonisation, Europe needs to shift the focus away from mining these materials towards reducing the amount needed and recycling what is used, writes Ann Dom.

Agrifood 15-07-2021

EU sets the scene for carbon removal actions in farming

Est. 5min

A new carbon removal approach in agriculture will contribute to stepping up Europe's climate ambition, the European Commission reiterated at the launch of its massive plan to cut carbon emissions by 55% before the end of the decade.

Circular materials 31-05-2021

Will the circular economy fly us to the moon?

Est. 6min

Increased recycling has come at the expense of greener activities like reuse. The European Union now needs to adopt a multidimensional approach to tackle Europe's waste problem and move towards circularity, writes Joan Marc Simon.

Circular materials 21-05-2021

Europe risks missing e-waste recycling targets, EU auditors warn

Est. 4min

Only two European countries are anywhere close to being on track to achieving the EU's recycling targets for electronic waste – or e-waste – the European Court of Auditors warned on Thursday (20 May).

Circular materials 23-04-2021

Last minute EU taxonomy changes water down sustainability criteria for waste, NGOs say

Est. 5min

The European Commission on Wednesday (21 April), tabled a first set of implementation rules under the EU's sustainable finance taxonomy, but changes made since a draft leaked last week have weakened criteria on waste management, campaigners say.

Circular materials 20-04-2021

EU seeks ‘reliable’ method to measure microplastic pollution from tyres

Est. 6min

An EU regulation on tyre labelling due to come into force on 1 May will not cover the rate at which tyres shed particles – a major contributor to microplastics in Europe – as an agreed method for the calculation of abrasion is still not in place.

Circular materials 01-04-2021

A circular economy for textiles to design out waste and pollution

Est. 7min

Europe has an opportunity to use the textiles strategy, due to be published this year, to build on its history of textile manufacturing and switch to a more sustainable industry, benefitting citizens and the environment, writes Valérie Boiten.

Circular economy 10-02-2021

Lawmakers back mandatory targets in EU circular economy action plan

Est. 5min

Lawmakers in the European Parliament adopted a set of ambitious proposals on the EU’s circular economy action plan on Tuesday (9 February), including calls to introduce mandatory targets to reduce waste.

Circular economy 18-12-2020

Product design policy will be key to circular economy, EU says

Est. 5min

As the European Union seeks to transition to a ‘circular economy’, the policy focus in 2021 will turn to products: how they are designed, and why so many seem to be made to throw away.

Plastic ready to be recycled in the yard of a company specialising in ecological treatments. [Moreno Soppelsa/Shutterstock].
Circular economy 11-12-2020

Plastic waste: what’s new is old

Est. 9min

Companies doing business in Europe may soon have to ensure their packaging contains a minimum amount of recycled plastic. But getting their hands on quality recycled materials in sufficient quantity is currently difficult.

Batteries 10-12-2020

EU seeks competitive edge from green batteries

Est. 5min

Electric car and industrial batteries sold in Europe will soon face legally binding environmental standards, the European Commission said on Thursday (10 December), as it seeks to give local producers an edge in a rapidly growing global market.

Circular economy 10-12-2020

Blue, yellow or white? Recycling varies widely in the EU

Est. 8min

Deposit return and extended producer responsibility schemes are everywhere in the EU but have very different rules. Does this present a barrier to meeting the EU’s recycling objectives?

Circular economy 09-12-2020

Jan Huitema MEP: EU must tackle price gap between secondary and virgin plastics

Est. 6min

Jan Huitema, who is in charge of guiding the circular economy strategy through the European Parliament, says his report will include requirements for products to contain a minimum amount of recycled material.