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CREDIT[World Development Movement/Flickr]
Trade & Society 12-09-2014

Commission opposes European Citizens’ Initiative against TTIP

The European Citizens' Initiative STOP TTIP has been dismissed by the European Commission. Its organisers now want to take the decision to the European courts.
Herman Van Rompuy, European Council president, with Conny Reuter of SOLIDAR [April 2012; Social Platform/Flickr]
Public Affairs 10-07-2014

EU’s civil society giants push for treaty change

NGOs and civil society organisations demanded "a new wave of inclusiveness" and more citizens' participation in EU decision-making on Tuesday (8 July), pushing to put treaty change back on the political table.
Public Affairs 02-12-2010

EU institutions close in on citizens’ petitions

Representatives of all three EU institutions this week outlined an agreement on implementing the European Citizens' Initiative, paving the way for the first petitions to be accepted next year once outstanding issues have been ironed out later this month. 
Public Affairs 03-09-2010

Socialists plan ‘Citizens’ Initiative’ on taxing speculation

The Socialists may become the first to use the new European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) introduced by the Lisbon Treaty in their bid to request new EU legislation on taxing financial speculation, according to their leader Martin Schulz.
Public Affairs 15-06-2010

Ministers pave way for first EU ‘Citizens’ Initiatives’

EU governments yesterday (14 June) outlined a "general approach" to the European Citizens' Initiative, paving the way for citizens to call on the European Commission to table legislative proposals on specific issues. 

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